Brave Studios Student signed by Melbourne Acting Agent

Melbourne Acting AgentBrave Studios Acting student Adrian Lambert has recently been signed by a leading Melbourne acting agent. Having trained through a number of acting courses at Brave Studios including the Beginner and Advanced Actors Training ground courses. Brave Studios directors were very confident recommending Adrian to one of Melbourne’s top Acting agencies.

This prominent Melbourne Acting agent represents some of Australia’s talented actors and provide many opportunities for actors to crack the performance industry. Another of our Advanced acting students, Alex Cooke has also just been picked up by the same Melbourne Acting Agent and is already going for his 2nd audition in 2 weeks for roles on TV shows.

We are not surprised Adrian has been picked up by Melbourne acting agent as his talent has developed immensely giving wonderful truthful performances. We really look forward to watching Adrian work and fulfil his dreams at the start of his professional career as an Actor.

Adrian’s growth and development from Beginner to Advanced acting student is a great example of how important commitment to training is crucial to growing as an actor. We truly believe that the more you invest in yourself as an actor the better the chances are of getting an acting agent to help you get those auditions!

Don’t just sit around for the phone to ring. Acting is hard work. Be Brave and get out there and do a course!