Brave Studios Director’s Acting role on Neighbours

Braneighboursve Studios Director Damien Fotiou is still on TV with his Acting role on Neighbours as the new Dr in town – Dr Nick. As one of the school directors of Brave Studios and taking on full time work on Neighbours, Damien had to juggle two worlds to make it work. Damien loved working on the set of Neighbours and getting back into his acting shoes. His acting role on Neighbours lasted for 3 months full time and was lucky enough to be a part of the 30th year anniversary. Damien got to work with all the wonderful actors that are currently on the show as well as the actors who have been in our lounge room over the last 30 years. Damien was amazed at the size of the studios out in Nunawading and couldn’t believe just how much work goes into producing Neighbours. Everyone is working extremely hard out there and had nothing but respect for all the actors and crew. Acting roles on Neighbours  has been opening doors to many actors in Australia and launching successful careers both locally and internationally. Many students studying at Brave Studios and Greentree Acting School have had wonderful opportunities to audition for  Neighbours as well win roles on the TV show.  Damien looks completely different on the show and has used his years of extensive training to transform himself into an acting role that is very far from who he is. be sure to tune in and watch is great performance on Neighbours.