Advanced Acting Course

advanced acting courseOur 12 month Advanced Acting course is in full swing. Our acting students partaking in the advanced acting course have already worked with some of Australia’s best industry professionals. Here at Brave Studios we prepare our acting students for the real world giving them opportunities to develop their skills in order to be ready to work in the film and tv industry. Our students have worked with many of the top Casting Directors in Australia to help guide them in the right direction when preparing for an audition. They are currently preparing to self test for LA casting Director Caitlin Wells who will be giving all our students one on one feedback via a Skype session. This is an incredible opportunity to be seen by a casting director in LA and to open up a relationship with an LA contact. All our students are preparing for their audition this week. They have been working on their US accents in voice class with the very talented Tyler Coppin to make sure they self test effortlessly speaking American. Students have already worked with the very talented Film Director Ana Kokkinos over a weekend. Students were taken through a very unique process that Ana uses for actors when she is working on set before directing each student in our studio in front of the camera. This gave all our talented acting students the opportunity to work with a director as they would on set with another actor and to be directed by a film Director. We are in our 3rd term of our Advanced acting course and moving towards filming the students acting showreels and getting their head shots taken. 1 more term left to go, our acting students are working harder than ever to dive further into the craft of acting. Our advanced acting course for 2017 will be open to new enrolments at the end of this month. Look into it.