Alexander Technique Intensive

with Master Practitioner Penny McDonald

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Brave Studios is proud to announce a weekend intensive with Master Alexander Technique Practitioner Penny McDonald!
Don’t miss the chance to work with Penny whilst she is in Melbourne.

“For all of us, not just actors, life puts great stress and strain on our bodies. The Alexander Technique has given me a self-help method of teaching me to relax and adjust my posture so that my body, which for an actor is an instrument, can work as well as possible.”

Jeremy Irons (Academy Award – Best Actor)

About The Course

During this weekend we will cover the basics of the Alexander Technique, freeing the voice, breathing, being present and embodying a character.
The focus will be on the performing arts. You will find the connection through your body, which enables a free connection with your audience.


What is The Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a learnable system of movement.

Alexander was an actor who lost his voice. Through his journey to fix his voice, he realised that he had caused the problem through tension and postural habits that stopped him from being able to co-operate with the design of the body.

The process of how you bring about change is what makes the Alexander Technique such a gift for performers.  Alexander Technique is taught in most performing arts institutions around the world.

Our bodies are brilliantly designed. Many of our problems- back pain, voice loss, stiff joints or even depression- occur because we don’t allow our bodies to function in the way they were naturally designed. Using more muscular effort than necessary creates undue tension in our bodies. The Alexander Technique will teach you to move in an easier, more efficient and fluid way. Free of any tension.

It can help to:

  • Relieve and prevent back, neck and limb pain, headaches and other musculoskeletal problems.
  • Reduce tension in activities that are repetitive and/or strenuous such as bending, lifting, or typing.
  • Improve performance in skilled activities such as dance, music, acting, or sport.
  • Manage stress, improve well-being and self-understanding.
  • Restore freedom of movement after an accident or chronic illness.

What does the Alexander Technique do for Actors?

Actors need to be in co-ordination- even when playing a character who is not co-ordinated. You must find the connection through you, in order to connect with an audience.

Embodying a character includes adopting their rhythm, how they move, and how their history lives in your body.

Course Dates

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of September 2018
from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Course Cost

$395 including GST


Dockland Cotton Mills
Studio 34/91 Moreland St
Footscray, 3011

Course Requirements

This is an entry-level course. Students who have never done the Alexander Technique previously will be able to do this course. Former Alexander Technique students are also welcome and will benefit from this intensive.

Participants are required to prepare a short piece of text.

Course Director

Penny McDonald has taught the Alexander Technique for the past 22 years. She has worked both in private practice and at music and acting schools across Melbourne.

Penny has taught at Brave Studios, Australian National Academy of Music, National Theatre Drama School, VCA, Howard Fine Acting Studio, 16th Street Acting Studio, Film & TV Studios International and The Space. She was also a regular guest teacher at The School for F. M. Alexander Studies training Alexander Teachers and will be running a training course in Tasmania.


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Penny is gentle and extraordinary; her work is transformative, you won’t walk away the same. The Alexander Technique speaks straight to the nervous system so constantly improves your mental health as well as your physical health. Penny has helped me with different characters, monologues, scene work, masterclasses, animal work and most recently the 3 week stage production ‘Killer Joe’. Penny’s work is non intrusive, has very quick excellent results and removes anxieties and habits that interfere with our performance, work and day to day existence. When it comes to the Alexander Technique, there is simply no one better than Penny in Australia!
Sarah Hallam, Actor, Director, Casting Director, Teacher

Penny is fantastic, highly skilled and has a very soothing and holistic approach to her work. Simply brilliant!
Gregory Le Du, Actor

Penny is a wonderful teacher and an excellent communicator. It was honour to work with her and I wouldn’t hesitate to do another course with her at Brave Studios. 
Andrea Mandalis, Musician

Since I began working with her individually about a year ago, I have noticed a marked improvement in my vocal quality, connectedness, and characterisation in acting. What I didn’t expect was to see an overwhelming improvement in my general health and wellbeing. My insomnia and back pain have almost disappeared, while my mental health, mental acuity and alertness have all expanded. Penny’s gentle presence and caring nature makes it easy to trust her, which has meant improvements appeared from my first session with her. She has had a profound impact on my life and work as an actor.
Jennifer Piper, Actor