Audition Workshop

Audition Workshop with Bernard Curry
Plus Final Week Screentest with Chameleon Casting’s Rosie Traynor





Brave Studios is pleased to announce our 8 week Audition Workshop with Bernard Curry, designed for more advanced actors to develop their auditioning skills.

This course is designed for advanced actors to learn how to be your most dynamic, free and creative self in the audition room, ridding you of nerves and giving you clear knowledge of what to expect when auditioning.

Through this course, you will learn to produce your best, most dynamic work in the limited time you have in the audition room.

Actors will be working with many diverse and challenging scenes, together with traditional scenarios thrown at you whilst auditioning designed to catch you off guard. You will be challenged and encouraged to think on your feet, make brave choices in the room, take risks and most importantly, to bring out the best audition you can.

All work covered during the Audition Workshop will be applied in a final-week mock audition for Rosie Traynor – Casting Director for Chameleon Casting. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your work, applying the skills and tools covered in the course to make an oustanding impression in the audition room.

This is an advanced program for experienced actors determined to maximise their acting opportunities through delivering strong auditions. By participating in the Audition Workshop, actors are given the platform and skills to let go, trust themselves, show their true colours and dive even further into their truth, creating a lasting impression on any Casting Director.


Bernard Curry has been winning roles in the audition room for many years both in Australia and the US. He brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to this workshop. Bernard is very passionate about helping students achieve their best performance in the room to enhance their chances of winning roles.

Bernard is currently one of the main cast members in Wentworth and has been in many Australian productions including Sunshine, Packed to the Rafters, Neighbours, Home and Away, Satisfaction, and The King. Whilst living in the US he has appeared in shows including NCIS, CSI, Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, Bad Behaviour, and Impact Earth working with Oscar Nominated Actor Tom Sizemore and Tom Berenger.

We are lucky to have Bernard teaching this Audition Workshop at Brave Studios before taping a new season of Wentworth.

If you are an actor needing to improve your chances in the audition room, this course is for you.


This Auditioning Workshop will address the following:

  • Audition skills to improve your chances of winning an acting role
  • How to best prepare for an audition and make a lasting impression
  • Explore how to take more risks in your work
  • Work through your personal blocks to get to the truth of a scene
  • Address bad habits
  • Connect to the truth of the scene, finding the character within yourself.
  • Work with one of Australia’s leading Casting Directors from Chameleon Casting Rosie Traynor

You will also receive a link to view your scenes filmed in class, via Brave Studios’ Vimeo page for self critiquing in your own time.


*Applicants must complete one or more of the following pre-requisites

  • Acting training/experience equivalent to Brave Studios Advanced Actors Course 
  • Successful audition at Brave Studios with one of the Acting School Directors.


Wednesdays 7.30pm-10.30pm

January 31st
February 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th
March 7th, 14th

Casting Session 21st of March

*Students are expected to attend all sessions listed above*




Dockland Cotton Mills
Studio 33/91 Moreland St
Footscray, 3011


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