Acting Graduate Lands Acting Agent

2019 12 month Acting Graduate Lucie Chaix has just been signed up with Helen Pandos Mgmt. We are thrilled for Lucie as she has already been auditioning for upcoming productions. After completing the 12 month Acting Program we offer here at Brave Studios, School Directors Elle Mandalis and Damien Fotiou were extremely proud of Lucie level of craft and skill on completion of her training and clearly agreed that Lucie was ready to start auditioning and working in the industry. We can’t wait to see you in the Theatre and up on the big Screen!

Teenage acting Student winning roles

HUGE congratulations to recent 12 month Teenage Acting program Graduate Ezra Justin. Ezra has just landed a role on InBESTigators (ABC, Netflix) and a recent callback for another project! His new agent BMEG picked him up after seeing his showreel upon graduating from Brave Studios 12 month Teenage Acting Program. Ezra has just recently  announced that he has also won a role in Harry Potter the stage play! What an absolute achievement. Ezra was a very dedicated and talented student in the Acting Course we offer and we are thrilled his hard work and dedication to the program has ended successfully for him.

Well done Ezra! We’re so proud and can’t wait to see where it takes you

Teenage Acting Student gets agent

Alumni Teenage Acting student Maeve is now represented by agent Mia Perry. After completing the 12 month Teenage Acting courseat Brave Studios, students course filmed showreels were presented to Agents across Australia. Here at Brave not only do we work hard in making sure our students receive the best training possible but we help them to seek representation. We know how difficult it is for actors to find an agent as it is a very competitive market. We believe if we offer elite professional training to make students the best actors they can be, the chances of you staying out against the busy crowd are much greater. Maeve started at our Junior School Greentree Acting School for several years before making the leap to Brave Studios to do the 12 month Acting course for teenagers. Her hard work, dedication and focus to her training has been inspirational and a wonderful lesson to us all. Well done Maeve we are so happy to hear of this news and cant wait to see you on the big screen. Maeve is one of many of our students in the Teenage 12 month Acting course to receive representation post doing the course. If you are interested in learning the craft of acting, your are dedicated and focused, give us a call here at Brave Studios and we can talk through what the best Acting course is for you.

Alumni Student getting Acting work

After completing Brave Studios 12 month Acting course, Tiama Martina was quickly represented by Aran Michael after the showcase viewing. Tiama has been working as an actor in the industry ever since. She is currently filming the 3rd season of ‘Get Krackin‘ for ABC playing a season regular. Tiama has also  won a guest role on Channel 10 in a new show coming up called ‘Playing for Keeps‘. She is currently acting in another guest role for yet another Channel 10 show. Go Tiama! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see more of you up there on the big screen. We are delighted to see our wonderful acting students benefit from the training and opportunities we provide here at Brave Studios. Watch this space!

Self Testing Service

At Brave Studios we offer the highest possible standard for self test.

With many US auditions coming to Melbourne through agents, self testing is fast becoming the norm. Actors are now given the opportunity to audition for many roles outside Australia. This therefore gives actors more opportunities to break into the industry.


Studio directors Elle Mandalis and Damien Fotiou operate all self tests. They are both working actors with 40 years experience combined in the Australian Film and TV Industry.

We create a safe and relaxed space for you to do your self test in our state-of-the-art studios, which are regularly used for castings by Australian Casting Directors. Elle and Damien love doing the self test process as much as our clients enjoy coming here. We make it as stress-free as possible so you can enjoy delivering your best work.


Many actors who self test at Brave have a great success rate with call backs. We consistenly receive thank you messages from agents for great tests from our clients. Our clientele therefore includes many well-known actors of the Australian stage and screen. We pride ourselves on continuing our fantastic reputation within the industry.


Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03 96876220 to book. For urgent requests outside of office hours please email and we will try to respond at our earliest convenience.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

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Alumni Student wins a lead role

Alumni Student Alex Cooke wins a lead role in a new and Exciting Australian Film. After Self Testing at Brave Studios for the Australian Film, Alex received a call back before hearing the wonderful news that he booked his first ever major film role. We are thrilled for Alex as his commitment to the work has been nothing but admirable and a long time coming. Brave Studios, however, are not surprised as Alex’s acting talents are outstanding. Alex is a great example to all students out there to keep on training and investing in yourselves as actors. These rare opportunities come to those who work hard on their craft, commit fully to training to keep your skills active and keep a positive mindset. Alex started as an actor in our Beginner Classes and worked through the different levels of the craft we offer until he found himself in the Advanced Program. Over the years Alex’s work has developed immensely and all the training he participated in has turned him ono the fine actor he is today. Congratulations Alex! You deserve it. Can’t wait to see you on the big screen.

Melbourne agents for Acting students

Melbourne Agent

Melbourne Agents for Brave Studio’s 12 month acting students post course. After 12 months of intensive training, over 90% of our students were picked up by various Melbourne Agents. This is an amazing effort and a direct result of hard work, dedication and focus not to mention talent. All student worked with many highly experienced teachers including, Lyndelle Green, Rob Meldrum, Mark Hennessy, Daniella Farinacci, Penny McDonald, Director Ana Kokkinos, Anne O’keefe and Tyler Coppin. Students also had the opportunity to work with Melbourne Casting Directors including Megan D’Arcy from Nick Hamon Casting and Jane Norris from Mulliners Casting where they received productive feedback and how to best hold themselves in the audition room. Students also had the experience of Self testing for an LA Casting agent Caitin Wells and had Skype meetings with her receiving feedback on their auditions. An amazing and unique opportunity to build relationships with US casting agents. All of these professional teachings helped our past 12 month Advanced acting students to land Melbourne Agents including Aran Micheal Management, Emma Raciti Management, Now Actors, Gilchrist Management, BGM, and Repleat Management. We are very proud of all of our acting students who not only are now represented by some of the best Melbourne Agents but are now auditioning for productions within the industry. Here at Brave Studios we believe that without the best of acting training, working under some of Australia finest acting trainers and industry professionals, one can not move forward towards being the best actor you can be. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality of training for all our students and creating a safe environment to do so. Weather you are a beginner or working at a professional level, the actor is always learning, growing and learning. We wish all our post graduates the best of luck out there in the real world and look forward to seeing them up on the big screen!

Melbourne Agent for Acting Student

Melbourne Agent Aran Michael Management have signed up Brave Studios Acting student Sami Obama. After committing 4 years to his acting training ,we are thrilled with the result of him winning a Melbourne agent. We all know how difficult it is to get an acting agent and want to congratulate Sami for his success. After completing the 12 month advanced acting program that includes sending out showreels and head shots to all Agents in Australia on completion of the course, Sami decided to go with Melbourne agent Aran Michael management.  Sami had a meeting with the Melbourne Agent and instantly felt they were a good fit for him. After a few meetings, Aran Michael Management asked Sami to join their agency. Sami is now out in the industry and in the hands of a very good Melbourne agent to help him find success in his acting career. It has been an amazing journey with Sami as he came to us as a 15 year old aspiring actor wanting to learn all that he can to make him the best actor that he can be. Over the years Sami has worked hard, trained consistently, has always been positive in his acting training, and shown great respect for all his acting coaches and fellow actors.Watching Sami grow as an actor and also as a person has been a both admirable and inspiring. Sami is a very talented actor and one to watch out for in the near future. We look forward to seeing him on the big screen and seeing whats in store for him as a working actor. Congratulations Sami for getting representation from one of the top Melbourne Agents.