Acting Student lands first Acting Role

Alex CookeAdvanced acting student Alex Cooke has landed his first acting role in a US feature film. Alex has been one of our most committed acting students training consistently for the last two and a half years. By doing so he has not only been represented by one of Australia’s top agencies but also being put forward to audition for many exciting new roles. Alex is a great example and inspiration to many aspiring actors displaying that when you put in the hard work it will eventually come back to you. Alex started training at Brave Studios as a beginner acting student showing strong signs of talent very early in his training. He came to us at age 19 and we were all very inspired and impressed with his dedication and commitment to the craft of acting. He was an acting student with a plan. An acting plan that is now only 2.5 years later coming into a reality. What were you doing at age 19? Alex was working as a tradesman and basically funding his tuition to become the fine solid and extremely talented actor he is today. Watch this space everyone. We think Alex Cooke is on his way to becoming a fine professional actor. Alex just finished the Advanced training program at Brave Studios where he performed 2 wonderful scenes to industry professionals including agents and casting directors. Here at Brave Studios we are all very proud of Alex and look forward to seeing him and his acting talents on our screens more often in the near future.

Actor writer performer puts on a show!

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.03.35 pmThe very talented Actor and writer Alexandra Keddie created, wrote and starred in her one man show I see me and Meryl Streep last night at the Butterfly club. Alexandra is a regular student at Brave studios who continues to challenge herself and her craft. Many acting students who attend acting classes at Brave Studios went along to support the talented actor along with the school directors and teachers. What a spectacular show it was! We were all extremely proud of her and her impressive skills both as an actor and writer. Alexandra has been working on this project over the last year persisting in writing draft after draft until the script was absolutely ready. What an amazing achievement not to mention brave! Here is a great example of an actor and writer getting proactive. An actor who rather than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, writes the work herself, produces it, and of course, stars in it. Alexandra’s acting training and persistence has surely paid off as her performance in last nights show was immaculate and inspiring.

Melbourne Actors out in full force at St Kilda Film Festival

Melbourne ActorsMelbourne Actors out in full force for St Kilda Film Festival Opening Night last night – and oh what fun it was! With hundreds of Melbourne’s creatives coming together to celebrate film in it’s wonderful short form! A brilliant celebration of film and film industry as a whole – the Brave Studios crew were there representing Melbourne Actors and we couldn’t have been prouder. The films were pretty great also! The most popular being “Five more Minutes” a 45 second Horror film that proved you don’t have to even be on screen for a minute to scare the bejeezus out of an audience!

Screening from May 21 – 30 the top 100 short films from around Australia along with other special screenings and events – this is a great way to support Australia’s emerging film makers. Bringing people together since 1983, SKFF is the longest running short film festival in the world. It’s a wonderful reminder that the Australian film industry alive and kicking, bringing together not only actors and directors, but other important creatives within the industry such as producers, writers, agents and casting directors – we have such a fantastic industry with so many talented people and festivals like this are a brilliant reminder of this. Housed in the iconic Palais Theatre in St Kilda, this is a great opportunity to enjoy this beautiful theatre that is such an important part of Melbourne’s culture. The St. Kilda Film Festival were kind enough to offer Brave Studios Students discounted tickets and they jumped at the chance!

So check out the film guide on the St Kilda Film Festival website and go and support Aussie films, you won’t regret it!



Brave Studios Student signed by Melbourne Acting Agent

Melbourne Acting AgentBrave Studios Acting student Adrian Lambert has recently been signed by a leading Melbourne acting agent. Having trained through a number of acting courses at Brave Studios including the Beginner and Advanced Actors Training ground courses. Brave Studios directors were very confident recommending Adrian to one of Melbourne’s top Acting agencies.

This prominent Melbourne Acting agent represents some of Australia’s talented actors and provide many opportunities for actors to crack the performance industry. Another of our Advanced acting students, Alex Cooke has also just been picked up by the same Melbourne Acting Agent and is already going for his 2nd audition in 2 weeks for roles on TV shows.

We are not surprised Adrian has been picked up by Melbourne acting agent as his talent has developed immensely giving wonderful truthful performances. We really look forward to watching Adrian work and fulfil his dreams at the start of his professional career as an Actor.

Adrian’s growth and development from Beginner to Advanced acting student is a great example of how important commitment to training is crucial to growing as an actor. We truly believe that the more you invest in yourself as an actor the better the chances are of getting an acting agent to help you get those auditions!

Don’t just sit around for the phone to ring. Acting is hard work. Be Brave and get out there and do a course!

Brave Studios Director’s Acting role on Neighbours

Braneighboursve Studios Director Damien Fotiou is still on TV with his Acting role on Neighbours as the new Dr in town – Dr Nick. As one of the school directors of Brave Studios and taking on full time work on Neighbours, Damien had to juggle two worlds to make it work. Damien loved working on the set of Neighbours and getting back into his acting shoes. His acting role on Neighbours lasted for 3 months full time and was lucky enough to be a part of the 30th year anniversary. Damien got to work with all the wonderful actors that are currently on the show as well as the actors who have been in our lounge room over the last 30 years. Damien was amazed at the size of the studios out in Nunawading and couldn’t believe just how much work goes into producing Neighbours. Everyone is working extremely hard out there and had nothing but respect for all the actors and crew. Acting roles on Neighbours  has been opening doors to many actors in Australia and launching successful careers both locally and internationally. Many students studying at Brave Studios and Greentree Acting School have had wonderful opportunities to audition for  Neighbours as well win roles on the TV show.  Damien looks completely different on the show and has used his years of extensive training to transform himself into an acting role that is very far from who he is. be sure to tune in and watch is great performance on Neighbours.


Acting agency in Melbourne takes on Acting Student

Acting agency Melbourne takes on Acting student

Acting agency in Melbourne BGM has taken Brave Studios Acting Student Alex Cooke on their books. We are very excited for Alex as he has been a committed talented acting student at Brave Studios for the last 2 years resulting in being taken up by one of the best acting agency in Melbourne. Alex is a wonderful example that persistence and commitment to Acting training will give you results. Alex started training in the Acting for Beginners workshop and has made his way up over the years into the Advanced Acting Course which he is currently training in. Alex has also invested his time in the American Accent course with Troy Mackinder and Acting intensive course with Ana Kokkinos. It just goes to show that acting training is everything if you want to get anywhere in this industry. When you find the right Acting School for you and are surrounded by professional teachers and directors who constantly challenge you, you will see results! We congratulate Alex and are so proud of him as we truly believe in his talent and will go far in the acting world. Watch this space. BGM is one of Melbourne’s top Acting Agencies representing some of Australia’s  exciting new talent to Australia’s best known actors. Alex is  in good hands and we look forward to his first acting job.

Self test Melbourne best in Melbourne

self test melbourneSelf test Melbourne at Brave Studios are only of the highest standard. With many working actors coming in every week, the results are always successful. The self test service offers professional actors to read opposite the actor to ensure the best performance for an audition. Brave Studios offer one hour self test slots including direction by industry professionals. Actors love coming in to Brave Studios to self test in Melbourne. A safe relaxing environment is created to enable the actor to perform with ease. Acting agents and International clients are always happy with the result. Many actors get to call back stage and winning roles. Brave Studios staff enjoy the self test process as much as the actor. With many US auditions coming to Melbourne through agents, self testing is the norm. Actors are now given the opportunity to audition for many roles outside Australia. This gives the actor more chances to break the industry.

Acting training helps actors win roles

acting trainingIt goes to show that acting training helps actors win roles. Actor Max Brown has won a role on Neighbours after recently completing the Auditioning workshop with Neighbours casting director Thea McLeod. Max is still investing in his training and currently participating in the Actors Workshop with Damian Walshe-Howling at Brave Studios. The actors workshop allows for professional actors to work with other actors on scenes keeping their skills fresh and ready to go should an audition come their way. This has really worked in Max Browns favour landing his first audition since partaking in his acting training at Brave Studios. Great stuff Max!Actors training in the actors workshop are raising the standard of their acting and craft with every class they attend. Damian Walshe-Howling challenges acting students to get them closer to their truth and more in their body. Acting training is the key to better work. Acting training allows for more chances of winning roles and feeling more confident in an audition environment.Acting courses at Brave studios are structured to ensure a high level of acting training. Acting teachers, voice teachers and movement teachers are the key to good training. Brave Studios has some of the most qualified and inspiring teachers providing wonderful challenging acting courses for aspiring and professional actors.

New acting courses New Studio

FullSizeRenderWith more acting courses coming to Brave Studios next year, we taken over new studio next door. This studio will provide another rehearsal space and a brand new studio for filming. Damien Fotiou, one of the directors of Brave Studios, is renovating frantically to get it ready for use in 2015. The new Studio will be running 5 new acting courses in the new year bringing in more teachers of the highest standard. The Advanced Acting course will now be run over a semester bringing in more units of training including Voice class and Movements class. Suzanne Heywood is one of Australia’s most prestige voice coaches and is joining the Brave Studios team in the new year. Gerard Van Dyke is also joining us next year offering physical and movement classes to compliment your work in scene study. Mark Hennessy, Damian Walshe Howling and Lyndelle Green will all be working together as a team to give students a more rounded experience in scene study class. Damien Walshe Howling will be running 2 acting courses next year called The Actors Workshop in the new space in scene study and getting to your truth as an actor. The new space will also open p more opportunities for those actors needing self tests for pilot season. We will now have access to 2 studios to record your audition scenes in so bookings will always be available. If you are in the neighbourhood and want to come in and check us out, come in and see our new Acting Studio.