American Accent
American Accent Coach Troy Mackinder works with Melbourne students.

Australia’s best American Accent Coach runs courses in Melbourne exclusive to Brave Studios.

Brave Studios are excited to have Australia’s best American Accent coach back on board. Troy Mackinder instructs the American Accent Course exclusive to Brave Studios in Melbourne. American trained actor Troy Mackinder is a professional US accent coach currently based in QLD, he has worked on numerous American productions cast and filmed in Australia and has trained some of Australia’s most well known actors including Jane Allsop, Michael Dorman, Isabel Lucas, Vince Colosimo, Erik Thompson, Claudia Karvan, Jay Laga’aia and Vince Colosimo.

With so many castings, acting auditions and self tests coming through Brave Studios, we know that the American Accent is very important to get right. Hollywood castings are becoming more global we are seeing numerous roles being tested and cast from Australia, this means more opportunities for those Australian actors who are able to perform dialogue with an genuine American accent.

It doesn’t matter how good you are as an Actor, if your accent is not up to scratch you are not going to get the role. Troy Mackinder has constructed a formula that is very easy to translate and put into practice. The added bonus is that Troy is American and comes from an acting background. Troy understands the ‘actor’ and what they need to focus on in order to make a character come to life whilst ‘speaking American’. Often the only obstacle in the way of winning interest from a self test or audition, is the ability for an Australian actor to portray a believable American Accent.
As actors we believe that it is important to not get lazy about such things as the way you speak and invest in yourself as an actor to exceed in all areas of the craft.

Troy visits Melbourne exclusively to Brave Studios to teach professional actors to understand and speak American english in the American accent course. All students who have attended the course have walked away speaking fluently with an American Accent and had a formula to rely on and apply to their next audition. Start speaking American now and take the plunge.

Our first American Accent course ran in 2013 at Brave Studios and was a true success. The level of commitment from both the students and Troy Mackinder over the weekend, was truly admirable. Troy flew into Melbourne to run the weekend intensive course for actors as part of our Professional series. The course covered the following topics which were also be applied to scene work.

  • How important is RESONANCE and how to find it.
  • How to find American EMPHASIS
  • STRESS of SYLLABLES and their importance
  • Placement for VOWELS and where they differ from Australian
  • How to take the dread out of finding the R
  • How to use an American dictionary to help with your accent.

All students were sent their work to further analyse and study their work to continue practising their accent on a daily basis.

Professional actors Daniela Farinacci and Paul Denny have this to say about the course …

Daniella Farinacci Brave Studios US Accent Course Testimonial from Brave Studios on Vimeo.

Paul Denny Brave Studios US Accent Course testimonial from Brave Studios on Vimeo.


What do you find difficult about the American Accent?


Acting student wins a role in new ABC show

ABC LogoActing student Brodie Dare has won a supporting role in a new ABC TV show. As it is in pre production still, it is highly confidential, hence we can not reveal the name of the show. Brodie has been attending Greentree Acting School(Brave Studios sister kids acting school)for over  5 years. She has been auditioning for many productions though Greentree Acting School and has finally landed her first role. Here at Greentree and Brave Studios, we are very proud of her and excited for her new success. This is another great example of training bringing results. Both acting schools strongly believe in investing your time in training to better your chances of winning those roles. Work will not just arrive on your doorstep unless you put in the hard work and commit to your training.Don’t just be a passenger, do the hard work! Well done Brodie!!! Brave Studios and Greentree Acting School wish you all the best of luck and know you will have a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to hear all about it.


Acting Course Audition success with Jan Russ

Acting for film and TV courses at Brave studios for Teenagers in Melbourne. Learn how to act in front of the camera, audition and work with other actors. Jann Russ was the casting consultant for Neighbours for over 25 years.3 Brave Studios students who participated in Jan Russ’s acting course held this week have gained auditions. The student had just completed the Acting for the Camera School Holiday Teens 2 day Acting Course.

Course director, Jan Russ has worked in the industry for over 25 years. She is an experienced actor and is well known as a former casting director and producer on Channel Ten’s Neighbours, having worked with people such as Russell Crowe, Guy Pierce, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan & Natalie Imbruglia and many other well known Australian artists.

Students spent 2 days workshopping scenes in front of the camera and exploring the ins and outs of script work. Jan’s teaching covers important aspects of script work which include listening and reacting, concentrating and focusing. Students received positive feedback and really warmed to Jan’s friendly nature, she had a wonderful rapport with the young inspiring actors.  She was impressed by how well well prepared the students were for this workshop.

3 students who excelled were submitted for upcoming castings. We wish them the best of luck as they audition for an ABC drama program and an American feature film.
This success shows how important it is to take initiative with your acting training and to make sure that you’re an active participant in industry workshops which can lead to valuable opportunities. At Brave Studios we encourage and support all of our students in their endeavours and make it a point let them know when opportunities arise.

Students have been calling asking for more teens classes, stay tuned, more classes will be announced soon.


Acting School Melbourne.Thea McLeod to run more Audition Workshops in 2013!! Neighbours Casting consultant Thea McLeod will be returning to Brave Studios to run more Audition workshops in 2013. After a huge success with Thea’s Audition Workshops in 2012, we are to run more Audition workshops in 2013. Thea stated that she was impressed with the students level of talent coming through Brave Studios. Thea often casts roles through students attending her workshops and benefits out of running them as much as the students coming to learn from them. Thea McLeod is one of Melbourne’s top casting Directors currently casting channel 11’s Neighbours. Thea also independently casts many Feature Films and TV dramas.These Audition workshops are highly beneficial for the actor out there wanting to better their chances in the auditioning room. At Brave Studios we will run more auditioning workshops with Thea McLeod in 2013 helping actors to better their chances of winning that role. Our Auditioning workshops are designed to give actors one on one time with Thea to get the attention they deserve. Students will learn useful auditioning skills from Thea and, handy tips to think about at your next Audition and constructive personal feedback. All our class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure all students get the most out of the Audition workshop. We believe it is paramount to question why you are not winning your auditions and to act on it. These workshops are designed to help actors find out what it is you need to change to start getting noticed and winning roles!

Acting student joins Neighbours cast

Calen joins the Neighbours cast

Acting student to join the Neighbours Cast

Congratulations to Calen Mackenzie, a Greentree Acting School / Brave Studios student who has just joined the Neighbours cast.
Calen is a current student of Greentree Acting School (Brave Studios junior School) Calen has been a student training with Greentree for over 5 years. In that time he has won many roles in television programs and feature films including Rush, Time of our lives, The mystery of a Hansom cab, Laid, and Face to Face.
His new role playing Bailey in the Neighbours cast is an on going lead role. Neighbours casting director Thea McLeod auditioned and cast Calen in the new lead role due to hit the screen in 2013.
Calen continues to train at our Junior wing Greentree Acting School in between filming at Neighbours. He knows how important it is to continue your acting training to keep your acting skills fresh and alive.
Some of the best actors in the world still train regularly to constantly challenge their craft and skills.
Phillip Seymore Hoffman once said “Study, find all the good teachers and study with them, get involved in acting to act, not to be famous or for the money. Do plays. It’s not worth it if you are just in it for the money. You have to love it.” .To start winning roles you have to put in the hard work and invest in yourself continuously. The roles will not just come to you, you have to work hard at the craft and train as an actor in between work and when there is no work at all. Calen has never given up or gotten lazy. He attends classes on a regular basis and continues to challenge himself. This is how Calen is winning roles and continues to be cast in Australian Film and TV.

Keep up the great work Calen. We will be supporting you all the way.