Self Testing Service

At Brave Studios we offer the highest possible standard for self test.

With many US auditions coming to Melbourne through agents, self testing is fast becoming the norm. Actors are now given the opportunity to audition for many roles outside Australia. This therefore gives actors more opportunities to break into the industry.


Studio directors Elle Mandalis and Damien Fotiou operate all self tests. They are both working actors with 40 years experience combined in the Australian Film and TV Industry.

We create a safe and relaxed space for you to do your self test in our state-of-the-art studios, which are regularly used for castings by Australian Casting Directors. Elle and Damien love doing the self test process as much as our clients enjoy coming here. We make it as stress-free as possible so you can enjoy delivering your best work.


Many actors who self test at Brave have a great success rate with call backs. We consistenly receive thank you messages from agents for great tests from our clients. Our clientele therefore includes many well-known actors of the Australian stage and screen. We pride ourselves on continuing our fantastic reputation within the industry.


Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03 96876220 to book. For urgent requests outside of office hours please email and we will try to respond at our earliest convenience.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

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Alumni Student wins a lead role

Alumni Student Alex Cooke wins a lead role in a new and Exciting Australian Film. After Self Testing at Brave Studios for the Australian Film, Alex received a call back before hearing the wonderful news that he booked his first ever major film role. We are thrilled for Alex as his commitment to the work has been nothing but admirable and a long time coming. Brave Studios, however, are not surprised as Alex’s acting talents are outstanding. Alex is a great example to all students out there to keep on training and investing in yourselves as actors. These rare opportunities come to those who work hard on their craft, commit fully to training to keep your skills active and keep a positive mindset. Alex started as an actor in our Beginner Classes and worked through the different levels of the craft we offer until he found himself in the Advanced Program. Over the years Alex’s work has developed immensely and all the training he participated in has turned him ono the fine actor he is today. Congratulations Alex! You deserve it. Can’t wait to see you on the big screen.

Melbourne agents for Acting students

Melbourne Agent

Melbourne Agents for Brave Studio’s 12 month acting students post course. After 12 months of intensive training, over 90% of our students were picked up by various Melbourne Agents. This is an amazing effort and a direct result of hard work, dedication and focus not to mention talent. All student worked with many highly experienced teachers including, Lyndelle Green, Rob Meldrum, Mark Hennessy, Daniella Farinacci, Penny McDonald, Director Ana Kokkinos, Anne O’keefe and Tyler Coppin. Students also had the opportunity to work with Melbourne Casting Directors including Megan D’Arcy from Nick Hamon Casting and Jane Norris from Mulliners Casting where they received productive feedback and how to best hold themselves in the audition room. Students also had the experience of Self testing for an LA Casting agent Caitin Wells and had Skype meetings with her receiving feedback on their auditions. An amazing and unique opportunity to build relationships with US casting agents. All of these professional teachings helped our past 12 month Advanced acting students to land Melbourne Agents including Aran Micheal Management, Emma Raciti Management, Now Actors, Gilchrist Management, BGM, and Repleat Management. We are very proud of all of our acting students who not only are now represented by some of the best Melbourne Agents but are now auditioning for productions within the industry. Here at Brave Studios we believe that without the best of acting training, working under some of Australia finest acting trainers and industry professionals, one can not move forward towards being the best actor you can be. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality of training for all our students and creating a safe environment to do so. Weather you are a beginner or working at a professional level, the actor is always learning, growing and learning. We wish all our post graduates the best of luck out there in the real world and look forward to seeing them up on the big screen!

Melbourne Agent for Acting Student

Melbourne Agent Aran Michael Management have signed up Brave Studios Acting student Sami Obama. After committing 4 years to his acting training ,we are thrilled with the result of him winning a Melbourne agent. We all know how difficult it is to get an acting agent and want to congratulate Sami for his success. After completing the 12 month advanced acting program that includes sending out showreels and head shots to all Agents in Australia on completion of the course, Sami decided to go with Melbourne agent Aran Michael management.  Sami had a meeting with the Melbourne Agent and instantly felt they were a good fit for him. After a few meetings, Aran Michael Management asked Sami to join their agency. Sami is now out in the industry and in the hands of a very good Melbourne agent to help him find success in his acting career. It has been an amazing journey with Sami as he came to us as a 15 year old aspiring actor wanting to learn all that he can to make him the best actor that he can be. Over the years Sami has worked hard, trained consistently, has always been positive in his acting training, and shown great respect for all his acting coaches and fellow actors.Watching Sami grow as an actor and also as a person has been a both admirable and inspiring. Sami is a very talented actor and one to watch out for in the near future. We look forward to seeing him on the big screen and seeing whats in store for him as a working actor. Congratulations Sami for getting representation from one of the top Melbourne Agents.

Advanced Acting Course

advanced acting courseOur 12 month Advanced Acting course is in full swing. Our acting students partaking in the advanced acting course have already worked with some of Australia’s best industry professionals. Here at Brave Studios we prepare our acting students for the real world giving them opportunities to develop their skills in order to be ready to work in the film and tv industry. Our students have worked with many of the top Casting Directors in Australia to help guide them in the right direction when preparing for an audition. They are currently preparing to self test for LA casting Director Caitlin Wells who will be giving all our students one on one feedback via a Skype session. This is an incredible opportunity to be seen by a casting director in LA and to open up a relationship with an LA contact. All our students are preparing for their audition this week. They have been working on their US accents in voice class with the very talented Tyler Coppin to make sure they self test effortlessly speaking American. Students have already worked with the very talented Film Director Ana Kokkinos over a weekend. Students were taken through a very unique process that Ana uses for actors when she is working on set before directing each student in our studio in front of the camera. This gave all our talented acting students the opportunity to work with a director as they would on set with another actor and to be directed by a film Director. We are in our 3rd term of our Advanced acting course and moving towards filming the students acting showreels and getting their head shots taken. 1 more term left to go, our acting students are working harder than ever to dive further into the craft of acting. Our advanced acting course for 2017 will be open to new enrolments at the end of this month. Look into it.

Atlantic Theatre School Teachers in Melbourne Australia

Atlantic Theatre SchoolAtlantic Theatre School Master teachers Anya Saffir and Jacquelyn Landgraf land in Melbourne Australia at Brave Studios. We are now in Day 2 of this exciting 5 day intensive in Practical Aesthetics. Practical aesthetics is an acting technique originally conceived by David Mamet and William H. Macy, based on the teachings of StanislavskySanford Meisner.

Practical Aesthetics is based on the practice of breaking down a scene using a four-step analysis that entails the following:
1) The “Literal”: The essential and most basic description of what is taking place.
2) The “Want”: What does one character ultimately want the other character to say or do.
3) The “Essential Action”: An evocative and relevant description of what the actor wants within the scene. It is essential to understand that what the character is doing and what the actor is doing are separate.
4) The “As If”: This relates the “essential action” to the actor’s own life.

This technique is aimed at making the experience of acting entirely based on the will of the actor. It is in response to “The Method which some believe uses more introverted and self-based practices. The Practical Aesthetic asks an actor only to commit his will to the pursuit of an action based on the other actor.
14 talented actors have the wonderful and rare opportunity to work the technique in Melbourne Australia at Brave Studios. Actors will be guided through a compressed process of the work to enhance their work and impulsively get closer to their truth. Many Australian actors audition for the Atlantic Theatre School in NYC to experience training in Practical Aesthetics. Brave Studios are honoured to have Anya and Jacquelyn in Melbourne to teach Practical Aesthetics to actors in Australia. The teachings so far have been insightful, practical and inspiring. We look forward to the next 3 days ahead. For those of you new to Practical Aesthetics taught at the Atlantic Theatre School you can audit the last 2 days by clicking here. Don’t miss out!

acting students win roles

acting students win roles

Advanced acting students win roles after completing the Advanced Acting program at Brave Studios. Advanced acting students  Zoran and Clare both auditioned for a new and exiting TV show to start filming next month and have successfully landed their jobs. We are always happy when Brave Studios acting students win roles but have to admit, not surprised. Together with the professional standard of all our programs we run at Brave Studios and the exceptional staff who help to facilitate the courses, the standard of our acting students is very high. We are confident that we help to produce professional level acting students and prepare them for the industry. Zoran and Clare are just 2 examples of our acting students winning roles who are ready towering on set in a professional environment. Their commitment to the craft through extensive training has been rewarded with work in the end. Brave Studios Advanced Acting program opens doors to our students giving them opportunities to work with some of Australia’s elite industry professionals giving them the insight that they need to make it out there as an actor. When our acting students win roles it is the biggest compliment to Brave Studios and reinforces all the hard work we put in is all work it and above all…WORKING! This should inspire all actors to continue with their training. Keep on learning. Well done Zoran and Clare. Look forward to seeing you on our screens soon. Head shots by Actors Caravan


New York Acting WorkshopAn intensive New York Acting Workshop Intensive in practical aesthetics, the acting technique taught at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School in New York City by Master teachers Anya Saffir and Jacquelyn Landgraf. Brave Studios is proud to present an exclusive opportunity to train with two master teachers from New York’s famed Atlantic Theater Company in Practical Aesthetics, Anya Saffir and Jacquelyn Landgraf. This week long acting workshop in Practical Aesthetics brings together the two fundamental tenets of the technique, action and moment: thinking before you act and acting before you think.  Actors are empowered to make clear, specific choices based on a careful study of the text, and to execute their choices spontaneously and truthfully.  In this way, the class will teach the actor to prepare to improvise.  Saffir and Landgraf have been evolving the Practical Aesthetics acting technique together over the last decade at The Atlantic Acting School. Every year many Australian actors make the pilgrimage to New York City to study at the Atlantic Theatre School, a school known for it’s reputation in developing and nurturing both craft and technique. For the very first time in Australia , Brave Studios is thrilled to announce the exclusive opportunity to to train with two master teachers from New York’s famed Atlantic Theater Company, Anya Saffir and Jacquelyn Landgraf. Practical Aesthetics is an acting technique originally conceived by David Mamet and William H. Macy, based on the teachings of Stanislavsky, Sanford Meisner, and the Stoic philosopher Epictetus. For those of you looking for an acting workshop that will challenge you and your work, then do not look past this opportunity. This New York Acting Workshop in Melbourne is an exclusive opportunity to better your craft and skill level. What are you waiting for! Sign up for this unique opportunity to work with some of New Yorks prestigious acting coaches.


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Voice class and Movement courses continue to be essential to the development and progression of actors. Working with your voice can be the key to unlocking your truth and creativity. Brave Studios now offers Voice class and movement courses for actors of all levels to continue to expand and fine tune their instrument. Actors currently taking the voice class are learning new things about themselves along with invaluable tools to take to their work. Be it body/breath connection, channelling of nerves or simply voice strengthening students are thrilled with their progress so far. Brave Studios are also offering Alexander Technique as their movement course component and the results have been incredible. Actors coming from Alexander Technique back into their class work –  be it the Actors Workshop, Advanced Actors Workshop or Beginners have found a greater openness, strength and deeper connection to themselves and their work. Here you can read about other successful actors and their take on the benefits of voice class and movement courses.