Self test Melbourne best in Melbourne

self test melbourneSelf test Melbourne at Brave Studios are only of the highest standard. With many working actors coming in every week, the results are always successful. The self test service offers professional actors to read opposite the actor to ensure the best performance for an audition. Brave Studios offer one hour self test slots including direction by industry professionals. Actors love coming in to Brave Studios to self test in Melbourne. A safe relaxing environment is created to enable the actor to perform with ease. Acting agents and International clients are always happy with the result. Many actors get to call back stage and winning roles. Brave Studios staff enjoy the self test process as much as the actor. With many US auditions coming to Melbourne through agents, self testing is the norm. Actors are now given the opportunity to audition for many roles outside Australia. This gives the actor more chances to break the industry.

Acting training helps actors win roles

acting trainingIt goes to show that acting training helps actors win roles. Actor Max Brown has won a role on Neighbours after recently completing the Auditioning workshop with Neighbours casting director Thea McLeod. Max is still investing in his training and currently participating in the Actors Workshop with Damian Walshe-Howling at Brave Studios. The actors workshop allows for professional actors to work with other actors on scenes keeping their skills fresh and ready to go should an audition come their way. This has really worked in Max Browns favour landing his first audition since partaking in his acting training at Brave Studios. Great stuff Max!Actors training in the actors workshop are raising the standard of their acting and craft with every class they attend. Damian Walshe-Howling challenges acting students to get them closer to their truth and more in their body. Acting training is the key to better work. Acting training allows for more chances of winning roles and feeling more confident in an audition environment.Acting courses at Brave studios are structured to ensure a high level of acting training. Acting teachers, voice teachers and movement teachers are the key to good training. Brave Studios has some of the most qualified and inspiring teachers providing wonderful challenging acting courses for aspiring and professional actors.

New acting courses New Studio

FullSizeRenderWith more acting courses coming to Brave Studios next year, we taken over new studio next door. This studio will provide another rehearsal space and a brand new studio for filming. Damien Fotiou, one of the directors of Brave Studios, is renovating frantically to get it ready for use in 2015. The new Studio will be running 5 new acting courses in the new year bringing in more teachers of the highest standard. The Advanced Acting course will now be run over a semester bringing in more units of training including Voice class and Movements class. Suzanne Heywood is one of Australia’s most prestige voice coaches and is joining the Brave Studios team in the new year. Gerard Van Dyke is also joining us next year offering physical and movement classes to compliment your work in scene study. Mark Hennessy, Damian Walshe Howling and Lyndelle Green will all be working together as a team to give students a more rounded experience in scene study class. Damien Walshe Howling will be running 2 acting courses next year called The Actors Workshop in the new space in scene study and getting to your truth as an actor. The new space will also open p more opportunities for those actors needing self tests for pilot season. We will now have access to 2 studios to record your audition scenes in so bookings will always be available. If you are in the neighbourhood and want to come in and check us out, come in and see our new Acting Studio.

Acting course with Film Director

acting course with film directorAfter a successful weekend acting course with film director, Ana Kokkinos, acting students all agree that acting training is everything. Highly skilled actors came together over the weekend to get the rare opportunity to be guided through Ana Kokkinos’s unique and insightful technique. Ana has nothing but respect for actors and what they do. Actors were reminded how crucial it is to stay in training and to work with other actors on scenes to be absolutely ready for when the next job comes in. Ana’s natural ability to find a way into each individual actors truth and capability is both inspiring and exciting. Having the chance to work with one of Australia’s leading director’s, has left all actors involved in the workshop wanting more and inspired to continue their training. Acting training is paramount to the actor who is constantly wanting to challenge themselves further and beyond to give themselves more accessibility and versatility in their work. In Australia, it is rare to get opportunities to work with industry professionals like Director Ana Kokkinos. Brave Studios has created a safe and creative Acting Studio environment for the more advanced actor to practice their craft with such industry professionals. We believe there is an abundance of talent in Australia and want to provide actors with many opportunities to work with industry Directors, voice coaches, movement trainers, casting consultants and acting teachers to keep their acting skills in practice and continue to move forward in their body of work. Keep Acting – Train constantly.

Acting Student wins lead role in Commercial

Congratulations to Acting Student Lois Vodika who won the lead acting role in the new Allanah and Madeline foundation anti bullying commercial. Her performance is outstanding, raw and realistic. Lois has been attending Greentree Acting School, Brave Studios sister youth acting school, for the last 3 years and received an audition through our acting school. We are most proud of her and can’t wait to see more of Lois’s work out there. Lois now continues to audition for other projects within the industry. Well done Lois.