Acting Intensive- Advanced Course


Advanced Acting Intensive with Damian Walshe-Howling

Brave Studios is proud to bring you the opportunity to work with incredibly experienced and highly sought after actor/director/coach Damian Walshe-Howling.

Damian has a unique way of working with actors, with an innate ability to enable major breakthroughs in their work. He has studied extensively in the Atlantic Theater Acting School’s technique Practical Aesthetics both internationally and locally and uses this technique in class with his students.

His extensive directing and acting experience, eye for detail in students work and what they need to work on to move forward is both inspiring and highly productive. This acting intensive focuses on getting to the truth of a scene through performance. The advanced actors will be encouraged to break down old habits, find ONLY truth in performance, make brave choices and take risks. Participants will work intensively with other students on scenes and perform them in front of the camera in our fully fitted out studio. We have seen so many breakthroughs in this class. It has been inspirational to witness those brave enough to push through to the other side.


  • Challenging scene-work
  • Find your truth as an actor via a method that best suits you
  • Strengthen your connection with other actors.
  • Work through your personal blocks to get to the truth of a scene
  • Clear bad habits
  • Connect to the truth of the scene, and finding the character within yourself.
  • Investigate the objective of the scene and go after that with desperation and desire.
  • Find the right beats and actions within a scene to determine what you want the other character to ‘do, think, or feel’ in that moment and try to affect a change in the other person.

All of these elements will be applied in front of a camera and uploaded to vimeo for your private viewing and self critiquing.


All scenes filmed in class will be uploaded to Brave Studios’ Vimeo page for self critiquing in your own time.


This course is by application only. All students must be working at an advanced level Acting training equivalent to Advanced 12 month program (please detail training on enrolment form and email through showreel if available).


TBC for 2018. Please get in touch if you are interested and we will let you know when dates are announced.


$350.00 inc. GST


Dockland Cotton Mills
34/91 Moreland St Footscray, 3011
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Acting Intensive


“Damian spent an hour working with each of us individually in our scene work and was so thorough and spoke in easy to understand language and made sure what he was saying made sense. Honestly, there wasn’t a part of the course I didn’t enjoy. Damian was such a cool, down to earth guy with such a clear sense of himself and what he was talking about. Great sense of humor, knew what he was talking about, no BS, just a really really good teacher!” Nicholas C. Phillips

“I think Damian is a great lecturer and director. He gave many very different people individualized attention that was equal and fair and he succeeded in involving the group in supportive commentary of one another.  His passion for the teaching the subject is obvious and he framed his commentary in an intelligent and quite sensitive learned manner.” Marisa Stastny

“(This course) provided me with the type of connection with others that I was looking for in a collaborative environment and the chance to stretch in front of strangers, but in a safe setting. The chance to work on a scene with others and have their input as well, was invaluable. By the time we got in front of the camera on the second day, we had all become very comfortable with each other and this informed our performances. Damian created a relaxed and yet energetic environment, where we were able to discover, question and try things that we might not have otherwise attempted. His input just before my turn in front of the cameras was invaluable to me personally and resulted in a level of performance that I doubt I would have achieved if left to my own devices.” Lachlan Macdonald 

“The course was fantastic and very rewarding, the other participants where great to work with and I would recommend the course to others. Damian is amazing to work with and he shows interest in the work of all his students. amazing amazing amazing!!! … He is so in-touch with his profession and shares his experience in a way that gives each student a view into the word of acting. His catching technique is fantastic as he gives you the feed back that you want and often need to hear. Within the two day course I felt myself grown not only as an actor but an artist working in the entertainment industry.” Leila Sweeney

“I loved every minute of the course!. Damian broke up the day with different activities. The course was enlightening and Damian encouraged student participation. There was never one boring moment. It is one of the best acting workshops I have ever attended! Damian is an amazing teacher and person! Every question I had about scripts, acting techniques, auditions, films etc was answered by Damian. He took the time to listen and talk with his students. Damian is a very patient, caring and approachable teacher. He made me feel so comfortable and at peace with myself. I walked out of the workshop filling inspired and ready for my next acting challenge.” Dario Q