The Actors Workshop


An 8-week course to help you live truthfully on camera. 

The Actors Workshop is an actors workout that you can re-visit again and again to challenge you and keep your skills fresh.

The Actors Workshop has been developed to enable actors to discover the meaning of “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances” (Stanislavski).

As actors, being truthful in performance can be the most elusive and difficult part of our job. Being truly vulnerable and spontaneous is incredibly liberating, yet we so often shy away from showing our true selves.

So much of this comes down to trust: trusting ourselves, trusting each other. Brave studios will encourage you to do just that. By letting go and trusting, you will forge a path to your truth. The results are astounding.

This is not a beginner’s course. We require you to have a thorough knowledge of script analysis and an understanding of how to embrace a role and make it your own. It is a program for actors who are starting to meet with blocks or limitations, who are determined to overcome them and gain a deeper knowledge into themselves and their craft.

We have seen so many breakthroughs in this class. It has been inspirational to witness those brave enough to push through their limitations and embrace their truth (under imaginary circumstances!).

Through this course you will learn to:

  • Find your truth as an actor via a method that best suits you
  • Strengthen your connection with other actors.
  • Work through your personal blocks
  • Clear bad habits
  • Connect to the truth of the scene
  • Investigate the objective of the scene and go after it with desperation and desire.
  • Find the right beats and actions within a scene to determine what you want the other character to ‘do, think, or feel’ in that moment to affect a change in the other person.


  • Challenging scenes
  • Script analysis
  • Work with a professional actor in the final class in an audition environment
  • Receive all your filmed scenes for self critiquing each week
  • Small classes (max 14 students) that guarantee performing your scene each and every week

Competence in this course is a pre-requisite for Brave Studios Advanced 12 month program


*Applicants must complete one or more of the following pre-requisites

PLEASE NOTE: A strong command of English comprehension is paramount for this acting course as students will be dealing with difficult concepts. Please feel free to discuss this with one of our staff at Brave Studios should you need clarification.


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*Term 4 2018 will be taught exclusively by Lyndelle Green

Wednesday Evenings 7pm-10pm
October 17th, 24th, 31st
November 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
December 5th

*Applicants are expected to commit to all course dates listed above.



Dockland Cotton Mills
Studio 33/34 – 91 Moreland St
Footscray, 3011


This workshop is taught by the incomparable acting coach Lyndelle Green and the acclaimed actress Daniela Farinacci.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, Lyndelle’s knowledge of various techniques and personal experience is highly beneficial to any student striving to learn the craft of acting. Lyndelle brings with her a wealth of practical and analytical knowledge and a deep understanding of text. Her passion and care for actors is well known and garners great results.

Daniela is a wonderful actress with over  25 years experience in the industry. She has has most recently featured in the main ensemble cast of the multi award winning ABC television series GLITCH directed by Emma Freeman and ABC telemovie REDFERN NOW – PROMISE ME. She brings with her a wealth of experience in the field and has had wonderful feedback as a teacher.

 Lyndelle Green         Daniela Farinacci

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About Daniela Farinacci:
Have been meaning to write to you to tell you how amazing she was. Such a beautiful, caring, nurturing, intuitive teacher. She never once used her role as the teacher to gain power or dominate us, it was a really safe, collaborative space to learn together. Couldn’t recommend her more. She’s definitely one of my favourite teachers that I’ve trained with in my 25 years of classes. Have definitely picked up some news skills from her while polishing up on the ones I already had.  Also really enjoyed her little bits of meditation at the start of the class and her personal touches to each of us as individuals.  Thanks so much for the course! Will be back soon for sure.
Mahalia 2016

About Lyndelle Green:
Lyndelle is such a fantastic teacher. I love that she is not afraid to provide honest criticism when required. After 8 weeks of her tuition I have complete faith in her expertise and greatly appreciate the passion she injects into her classes.

Michael Cavanagh 2018