Advanced Actors Workshop

Term Classes 6 weeks


The ADVANCED ACTORS WORKSHOP provides professional actors and advanced graduate actors with a weekly challenging course to keep your skills active and fresh. This course is designed for working actors wanting to refresh your skills and be challenged accordingly. Actors will be working with many diverse and challenging scenes always working towards the core and truth of the scene and character.

This is an advanced program for the experienced actor to meet with blocks or limitations, who is determined to overcome and gain a deeper knowledge into themselves and their craft. By participating in the Advanced Actors Workshop, actors are given the platform and skills to let go and trust themselves to dive even further into their truth.

If you are an actor needing to be challenged further to move forward in your work, this is the perfect acting course for you.

Term 1 2019 will be taught by the incomparable Lyndelle Green. Lyndelle will have just returned from working with her mentor, acclaimed teacher Ivana Chubbuck in LA. She has returned full of enthusiasm and is beyond excited to share her plethora of new scenes and tricks with you!

What you can expect from this course.

  • Challenging scene-work
  • To find your truth as an actor via a method that best suits you
  • Strengthen your connection with other actors.
  • Work through your personal blocks to get to the truth of a scene
  • Clear bad habits
  • Connect to the truth of the scene, and finding the character within yourself.
  • Find the right beats and actions within a scene to determine what you want the other character to do, think, or feel in that moment and try to affect a change in the other person.

You will also receive a link to view your scenes filmed in class, via Brave Studios’ Vimeo page for self critiquing in your own time.

This course is designed as an actors workout that actors can re-visit again and again to keep skills fresh and the actor challenged. 

Competence in this course is a pre-requisite for Brave Studios Advanced Acting course


*Applicants must complete one or more of the following pre-requisites

  • Acting training equivalent to Brave Studios Advanced Actors Course
  • Successful audition at Brave Studios with one of the Acting School Directors.
  • Working professionally within the Film and TV industry
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Enrolment to this course is by Application Only. Applicants must be at an advanced/professional level to be considered for this course.
Interested Applicants must send in their CV, Headshot and Showreel (if available) to be assessed by both the School and Course Directors.

Dates & Times

Thursdays 7pm-10pm
February 14th, 21st, 28th
March 7th, 14th & 21st


Brave Studios
Studio #33
33/91 Moreland St,
Footscray 3011




$380.00 inc GST