Acting Masterclass with Ana Kokkinos

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Two Day Masterclass with Esteemed Director Ana Kokkinos

This workshop gives you the chance to work with one of Australia’s most acclaimed Film Directors, ANA KOKKINOS. Over the last twenty years Ana has firmly established herself as one of our most innovative and creative film makers. With titles such as ‘Only the Brave’, ‘Head On’  and ‘Blessed’ to her name, Ana has firmly stamped her mark on the Australian film making landscape. Her television credits have garnered her widespread acclaim from actors for her process and eye for detail, something which is sadly lacking in today’s industry.

This is an exclusive opportunity for professional actors to work with Ana and learn her unique process for bringing a script to life; a process which can be transferred and used with any script from audition through to performance. With a maximum of only twelve participants, this is an acting masterclass not to be missed.

This intensive 2 day acting masterclass is designed for industry professionals wanting to exercise their talents and/or expand their own process.
All Professional Series Workshops are by application only.

DAY 1 will be focused on script analysis and scene work using Ana’s process.
DAY 2 will be focused on applying Ana’s process to further scene work and filming your allocated scene. All participants will receive a course breakdown once confirmed in the workshop.


Please note, this is a professional level course. You must have professional experience in the industry and/or professional level training to apply. Please send your CV to on application.
All successful applicants will be allocated a scene partner.


Saturday the 4th of November 2017 from 12-7pm
Sunday the 5th of November 2017 from 11-6pm
* Students are required to attend both days


$520.00 inc. GST


Docklands Cotton Mills
34/91 Moreland St
Footscray, 3011


acting masterclassAna Kokkinos graduated from Melbourne’s Monash University law school in 1982 and worked for nine years as an industrial lawyer. In 1991 she applied to film school and was accepted in the graduate film and TV programme at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Her graduation short film, Antamasi (1992), won several awards and played at a number of international film festivals. Her films include 1994’s Only The Brave (winner of the Grand Prix at the Melbourne International Film Festival), 1998’s Head On (based on the novel “Loaded” by Christos Tsiolkas) and 2005’s “The Book of Revelation”. She has also directed episodes of Australian television programs such as Seven types of Ambiguity, Pulse, The SlapYoung Lions and The Secret Life Of Us. 

acting course

Please click to submit your application online. Successful applicants will be notified mid-October and required to pay a deposit to secure their place at that time.


“Being under Kokkinos’ direction was as demanding as it was fun. The way we rehearsed it – Ana has a particular kind of rehearsal process she likes to go by, it’s a physical process with a lot of repetition of lines and that – it’s the sort of way of working that does get you into the kind of deeper aspects of yourself. I felt like we had explored a lot of big feelings and primal emotions in rehearsal, so I felt like all those things were there and ready to be used when we needed them.I think she [Kokkinos] particularly really has a great passion and eye for truth, a real enthusiasm which brings a lot of energy to your interactions. She gives you a lot of room to move, but she is also very interested in your instincts and she really listens to that a lot. If you go ‘oh I’m just not sure’, she is not one of those directors who says ‘just do it’, she is more like ‘what do you think you should do, or how do you think you should do that?’. She very interested in your instincts and what you initially feel is real, or what isn’t.”
Miranda Otto ~ X-Press Magazine 

“I love Ana. She’s a real actors director, a very passionate person, she’s very articulate, she knows what she wants. Her priority is not to make a Blockbuster movie – she’s purely an authentic film maker and it’s really nice working with someone who makes that their priority. She’s very honest and raw and doesn’t play any games – she just cuts to the chase and that’s really nice to work with – when there is no agenda.”
Francis O’Connor ~ At the Movies online interview with David Stratton

“Taking the Ana Kokkinos Masterclass at Brave Studios was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Ana is extremely articulate, highly perceptive and open to collaboration. Ana fosters a kind and open environment allowing you to explore the text and take risks like never before. Her simple but powerful process, that strips you of your pre-conceived notions and takes you back to the words, aids actors in navigating a script in a clear and concise way. Her process leaves you feeling both confident and flexible with any given text, enabling you to go from page to performance. Recently I used Ana’s process and booked a show that opens at the MTC in December (2015). I cannot thank Ana and Elle enough.”
Nicholas Rhodes 

“It was a pure delight to be in a safe, encouraging environment surround by like minded artists and be at the helm of someone you admire in a warm space. Thank you for creating that … Ana is gracious, honest and inspiring. She brings a beautiful nurturing element into rehearsals where you feel safe, comfortable and free. It was a pure delight to work with her and the other artists.”
Ben Noble

“Absolutely amazing weekend – learning and flexing our acting muscles in a safe place. Ana gave insightful, clear and tailored direction and feedback for each individual to take their acting to the next level. The two intensive days allowed us to focus on particular processes/areas in detail”
Georgia Byrne