Fox FM at Brave Studios

fox fmFox Fm came to Brave Studios to arrange a Private Acting session for Fifi. Fifi from Fox Fm was approached to audition for the infamous Australian TV show, Neighbours. The decision of which acting coach to send to Fox FM for this particular job was an obvious one. Damien Fotiou, the co director of Brave Studios recently spent many months acting on Neighbours as Dr.
Nick Petredis, so was perfect for the task at hand. It was a great success as Fifi was very easy to work with, professional and up for the job. Damien took her through many exercises relating to her audition scene applying the technique taught in all Brave Studios Courses offered. Although the session was for Fifi at Fox Fm, they thought it would be a bit of fun to involve Fev and Dave and see how well they responded to being Fifi’s scene partner for a moment. Fifi was up for the challenge and did a wonderful job trying to win her scene objective Damien instructed her to fight for. Like a true professional, Fifi stayed very focused and did extremely well getting what she wanted from the other actor. Towards the end of Fifi’s acting lesson at Fox FM she really started to show wonderful moments of truth and connection. We think she is perfect for the job and would be highly surprised if it didn’t go her way. Here at Brave Studios we would all love to wish her luck and look forward to hearing the result. Thanks Fox FM for being wonderful to work with.

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