Greentree Kids Acting School Melbourne

Kids Acting School Melbourne

If you know an aspiring actor aged between 8 – 18 years of age then you should know about our kids acting school Greentree Acting School.

Specialising in acting classes for kids and teens, Greentree Acting School offers 9 week term based classes in three different age groups throughout the year. Greentree acting students are trained in all aspects of acting in a nurturing environment. They have the opportunities to experience everything from improvisation to on camera scene work. Most importantly we make acting fun.

Directed by professional actors Damien Fotiou and Elle Mandalis, Greentree acting school has established a great reputation amongst students parents and industry professionals.

Film and television producers and casting consultants will often approach Greentree acting school asking our students to audition for their productions. Several of our students have gone on to secure roles in RushAngry BoysNeighboursHolly’s HeroesFergus McPhailBlue HeelersSeachangeJa’mie private school girl, Feature films and VCA graduate films.

Kids acting school melbourne