Self Test

Self Test in Melbourne at Brave Studios for the highest professional standard. With many working actors coming in every week, the results are always successful. The self test service offers professional actors to read opposite the actor to ensure the best performance for an audition. Brave Studios offer one hour self test slots including direction by industry professionals. Actors love coming in to Brave Studios to self test in Melbourne. A safe relaxing environment is created to enable the actor to perform with ease. Acting agents and International clients are always happy with the quality of Brave Studios Self Test service. Many actors who self test at Brave have a great success rate with call backs, winning roles to great feedback. Brave Studios staff enjoy the self test process as much as the actor. With many US auditions coming to Melbourne through agents, self testing is the norm. Actors are now given the opportunity to audition for many roles outside Australia. This gives the actor more chances to break the industry. We look forward to your next self test.

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