Acting Training Paying Off

acting training

Consistent acting training really does pay off!

We are so proud of Brave Studios acting student Stacey-Lea for winning a role in a US TV production filming this week. Stacey-Lea is a wonderful example to all aspiring actors out there. Acting training and putting in hard work is essential to landing roles.

This is Stacey-Lea’s first professional acting role and straight to working for a US production. This comes as no surprise, though.

Stacey-Lea started her training at Brave Studios in 2016 in our Beginner Acting courses and continued to train through the many levels until she found herself in the Advanced training course in 2019-2020. Her persistence, drive and dedication to the work have only proven why she has got to where she is today.

Stacey-Lea knew she had to get her US accent into shape if she wanted to have a chance in landing US roles. She has been attending the US accent courses at Brave Studios with Tyler Coppin over the years and states “It is all thanks to Tyler my accent is up to par”.

Stacey-Lea has invested in herself fully to be ready when that audition came her way. She is still currently training at Brave Studios in both Scene Study and US accent training and we applaud her. Seeing our teaching work for her over the last 4 years and watching her grow as an artist and land her first role, is truly delightful. We wish you all the best Stacey-Lea and look forward to what happens next for you!