Alumni Student wins a lead role

acting agent Melbourne

Alumni Student gets agent! ¬†Alex Cooke wins a lead role in a new and Exciting Australian Film. After Self Testing at Brave Studios for the Australian Film, Alex received a call back before hearing the wonderful news that he booked his first ever major film role. We are thrilled for Alex as his commitment to the work has been nothing but admirable and a long time coming. Brave Studios, however, are not surprised as Alex’s acting talents are outstanding. Alex is a great example to all students out there to keep on training and investing in yourselves as actors. These rare opportunities come to those who work hard on their craft, commit fully to training to keep your skills active and keep a positive mindset. Alex started as an actor in our Beginner Classes and worked through the different levels of the craft we offer until he found himself in the Advanced Program. Over the years Alex’s work has developed immensely and all the training he participated in has turned him ono the fine actor he is today. Congratulations Alex! You deserve it. Can’t wait to see you on the big screen.