Acting Student lands first Acting Role

Advanced acting student Alex Cooke has landed his first acting role in a US feature film. Alex has been one of our most committed acting students training consistently for the last two and a half years. By doing so he has not only been represented by one of Australia’s top agencies but also being put forward to audition for many exciting new roles. Alex is a great example and inspiration to many aspiring actors displaying that when you put in the hard work it will eventually come back to you. Alex started training at Brave Studios as a beginner acting student showing strong signs of talent very early in his training. He came to us at age 19 and we were all very inspired and impressed with his dedication and commitment to the craft of acting. He was an acting student with a plan. An acting plan that is now only 2.5 years later coming into a reality. What were you doing at age 19? Alex was working as a tradesman and basically funding his tuition to become the fine solid and extremely talented actor he is today. Watch this space everyone. We think Alex Cooke is on his way to becoming a fine professional actor. Alex just finished the Advanced training program at Brave Studios where he performed 2 wonderful scenes to industry professionals including agents and casting directors. Here at Brave Studios we are all very proud of Alex and look forward to seeing him and his acting talents on our screens more often in the near future.

3 hour Beginner Acting Workshop receives rave reviews.

Over the past year we have received some fantastic feedback for Mark Hennessy’s 3 hour Beginner acting workshop. Beginner level students have told us that they have really appreciated being given the opportunity to explore acting techniques in a condensed course, before committing to a full term course. The 3 hour Beginner acting workshop was introduced to the Brave Studios series of acting classes as a way for those with little to no experience gain insight into acting. It also provides an opportunity for students to connect with brave studios staff and get a feel for the school, and for how we conduct our training. Students in the 3 hour beginner acting workshop have been making the most of the opportunity to ask questions about the 8 week course and get an idea about the content that will be covered. At least half of the students who complete this workshop end up going on to complete the Beginner actor’s training ground and build a strong solid foundation from which to approach future auditions and acting work.

You can view course director Mark Hennessy’s IMDB profile here.

Check out the feedback we have received for the 3 hour beginner acting workshop:

“The (beginner acting workshop) set out the basics of what it takes to look through a script and get a feel for a character and break down the barriers of acting. I got more than I thought out of just 3 short hours … I would highly recommend Brave Studios and will do so at work …This is a great package. Some very useful starting tips that you can take home and work off straight away. You get a lot out of just 3 hours. It opens up the world of acting to you and will be a good indication if it’s something you want to do for fun or possibly a career … Mark was very good at presenting the course. He was able to get us to do a lot in the time given to him. He had a very professional yet fun approach and was able to work with each person in an equal amount. He was very supportive.” Bradley Hall

“I enjoyed it all – but I got the most out of analysing the script with Mark and hearing his (and everyones) ideas on the construction and dissection of the script. Also how to look at the script and break it down. As an introduction it was great – with lots of ideas given and shared … The course and material covered was well structured and solid. It was very fast moving -but it is an introduction. and a good teaser for a longer course. Mark was able to get a lot of information across in a short amount of time. He expressed himself at a level we could all understand. He taught but also listened and made the class feel comfortable and safe.. It was a pleasure to be in his class and not as frightening as I thought it might or could be.” Anne V

“The (beginner acting workshop) was really amazing … (I would recommend this course to) anyone who wants to do acting or anything with TV, or even anyone that just wants to build confidence. I would definitely do the next course. Mark taught us so much in just 3 short hours. I had no idea I would get so much out of such a short amount of time … Mark was really great! He has a gift and could make every person in the room feel comfortable, he worked with everyone separately and as a group and made everyone feel like equals. At the beginning of the course he made us all tell each other about ourselves and played games, I think that really helped everyone feel less nervous.” Tara Jayde

“I opted for this course to see if I liked it, before committing to an 8 week course … I was very impressed when Mark talked about the importance of knowing your objective and the use of emotional verbs … (Mark) was really good; knew his stuff; engaged very well with his audience; he listened and was very good at explaining things.  Course content was well laid out, varied and kept the interest going.  I was very impressed.  I would recommend him as a good teacher.” Coralie Burrage 

Brave Studios Acting School, Melbourne. New Management, Great Start!


Brave Studios Acting School Melbourne has started off it’s new life with a new make-over and great success. After changing management in 2012 actors have been pouring through the doors, self testing for a number of exciting projects both in the US and Australia. Many of our regular acting students have won roles in tv and feature films and many more are working professionally within the industry.
Our private tuition with Brave Studios Directors Elle Mandalis and Damian Fotiou have given numerous actors the opportunity to workshop their scenes prior to their auditions. We have had private tuition students gain roles in Home and Away, and feature films.
Congratulations to all those have workshopped their scenes and successfully gained work using our services, you are a great example and inspiration to other actors that by putting in the hard work and preparing for your auditions pays off in the end.
From all of us here at Brave Studios we wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you on the big screen. Brave Studios Acting School Melbourne private acting lessons have been helping actors workshop their audition scenes to get to a truthful performance to help them win roles to launch their acting careers.You can’t get lazy with your acting career – Don’t forget you are a business and need to treat yourself as one. Our Brave Studios acting classes have been witnessing many actors experience major breakthroughs in their work by committing to on going acting training. Brave Studios have been offering Acting school Melbourne for over 10 years providing the highest level of training for all aspiring actors. Don’t hold off any longer! get off the couch and Act now.

The Actors Workshop Launches with Ana Kokkinos

Film Maker / Director Ana Kokkinos has launched our Professional Series actors workshop. A 2 day intensive workshop for industry professionals wanting to exercise their talents and/or expand their own process.

Over the last twenty+ years Ana has established herself as one of Australia’s most innovative and creative film makers. Ana hold titles such as ‘Only the Brave’, ‘Head On’  and ‘Blessed’ to her name. She has firmly stamped her mark on the Australian film making landscape. Her television credits include Secret Life of Us and more recently Time of our Lives. Her process and eye for detail have garnered her widespread acclaim from many Australian actors.

The actors workshop provides an exclusive opportunity for professional actors to work with Ana and learn her process for bringing a script to life; a process which can be transferred and used with any script from audition through to performance.

All Actors involved were left wanting more after being introduced to Ana’s unique and beneficial process. Ana Kokkinos has an extraordinary ability to pinpoint what is not working in a scene instantly as well as breaking down a block that might be holding an actor’s performance back. All professional actors involved in the Actors course, including Ana, were reminded how important it was to continue with acting training no matter how experienced an actor you are. Working with other actors on scenes and getting out on the floor to flex those acting muscles can only do you well. After the success of our first Actors workshop, Ana Kokkinos and Brave Studios are very excited to continue working together and look forward to announcing our next workshops soon. Ana is now working on a number of new projects and we can only wish her the best of success. Thank you Ana and to all the Actors involved in ‘The Actors Workshop’. We can’t wait to see you again soon.


“It was a pure delight to be in a safe, encouraging environment surround by like minded artists and be at the helm of someone you admire in a warm space. Thank you for creating that … Ana is gracious, honest and inspiring. She brings a beautiful nurturing element into rehearsals where you feel safe, comfortable and free. It was a pure delight to work with her and the other artists.”
Ben Noble

“Absolutely amazing weekend – learning and flexing our acting muscles in a safe place. Ana gave insightful, clear and tailored direction and feedback for each individual to take their acting to the next level. The two intensive days allowed us to focus on particular processes/areas in detail”
Georgia Byrne