Louise Siversen Masterclass

2 Days

Have you ever had to cry on cue? Laugh hysterically or become blind with rage in the blink of an eye?

It’s an incredibly difficult thing to do using memory, or associations with your life.
Join us in exploring the Alba Emoting Technique – a revolutionary new way of accessing a rich emotional life through using just your physicality – not your mind- with qualified practitioner and prolific Australian Actor Louise Siversen (House Husbands, Rake, Ronny Chieng: International Student)

“It heightens awareness, the ability to pay attention, enabling the actor to engage more viscerally because they are not trying to achieve a ‘state’ through a mental process. It works in order with the way the body receives and processes information.” – Louise Siversen on the Alma Technique.

Imaginative Process

Over two days, you will experiment with this game-changing technique using only your body. That’s right, no emotional memory recall, no script analysis!

Instead, text and character will be explored through physical patterning, action prompts, sound, expression of text through gesture, qualities and archetypes. Through using your physicality, you will access profoundly imaginative information without the use of personal history or stress to mental well-being.

Louise Siversen will guide you through two days of deep physical / sensory  attention, enabling the  discovery of text and character in fresh, exciting ways. Relieved of the need for introspection or pushing to create emotional states, the actor is free to experience the work as a vital, joyous freedom of expression.

Course Structure

Together we will explore a play, replicating the rehearsal process at Brave Studios Acting Studio.
You will have some preparation prior to the workshop, developing your imaginative journey with character and text.

In the two-day workshop, you will then learn techniques that interrupt our patterning. This allows new pathways of behaviour to be established and expands our ability to surprise ourselves in the work, mining the universal consciousness of limitless ideas.

Using all of the above means and more, we allow ourselves the opportunity to lean into our fears and our joys. Enriching our attention with ease and beauty, within a form. Creating a whole, that lifts the work above the mundane to a place of majesty through rigorous physical play. Giving you lasting tools to prepare and perform your work with fearless potency.

You will investigate the following;

  • Gesture
  • Influence of physical forms 
  • Pace
  • Atmosphere
  • Archetype
  • Qualities
  • Actions
  • Directions
  • Music
  • Images
  • Light
  • Origins of neurological emotional states 
  • States of being
  • Breath and eye patterning 

Using all of the above means and more, we allow ourselves the opportunity to lean into our fears and our joys. Enriching our attention with ease and beauty, within a form. Creating a whole, that lifts the work above the mundane to a place of majesty through rigorous physical play. Giving you lasting tools to prepare and perform your work with fearless potency.

More information:

Alba Emoting Interview with Louise Siversen
ABC interview – What the Body Knows


“I have had the good fortune to work one on one with Louise Siversen for 16 years. She is an inspirational, insightful and gifted teacher. Her workshops give local actors the benefit of her unique studies overseas – all of which is conveyed with clarity and passion.”
Kat Stewart, Actor, 5 bedrooms

“Louise is an extremely gifted facilitator and teacher, one always feels completely safe in her hands. This is really interesting work, so refreshing and liberating to get out of the actor’s head and into the body, it yields all kinds of new and valuable surprises.”
Felicity Soper, Actor

“Louise has a particular perspective on the magic that is acting: as primarily an act of the imagination. And yet her process is utterly physical, based in the body and in the space and in the other bodies in the space. I found myself understanding the work in a different way, and that was a great gift for me.”
Maude Davey, Actor, Magnolia

“The most profound, creative, self empowering and enjoyable workshop I have ever done! Led by an inspiring, talented and generous  woman.  You are in great hands with Louise. Her workshops are a revelation!”
Danielle Carter, Actor,Wentworth

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2 Day Intensive

Saturday the 19th October 2019
Sunday the 20th October 2019

*Students must participate in both sessions


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