Online Teen School Holiday Program for 13-17years

School Holiday 3 days

Our Online School Holiday Program for Teens is back in September. Due to the current circumstances, Brave Studios is adapting to help students continue to learn the craft of Acting outside of the classroom.

All classes will be conducted via Zoom. Zoom is an easy web-based video conferencing tool and a mobile app that allows users to meet online with LIVE video. We will, therefore, be able to offer our usual classes in an easy-to-use online format.

Our Teachers have been fully trained in this new platform to ensure Brave Studios continue to deliver premium courses.

Looking for an acting course for teenagers in Film and TV? This Online school holiday program is a teenage acting course held over three days with the highly regarded acting teacher Lyndelle Green. Designed and created especially for teenagers, this highly sought after program is specifically aimed for Film and TV. This course is Perfect for the young aspiring actor wanting to deepen their knowledge of the craft, be challenged and receive constructive feedback to get over habits getting in the way. Brave Studios creates a safe, nurturing yet professional environment for students to take risks in and make bold choices.

This school holidays acting course will give you the chance to improve your acting abilities above and beyond what you thought possible.Our aim is to make you the best actor you can be but enjoy it in the meantime. Lyndelle will guide students through a comprehensive breakdown of a script through to the creation of a fully formed scene full of richness and emotional truth.These acting classes will challenge students to listen and respond to the other actor and understand the truth to a scene. Students will also gain an understanding of how film is different to the stage.

Participants will all perform and film scenes Online. This is a great way to receive constructive feedback to better your work as an actor. This is an acting course for those teenagers who are interested in taking their acting abilities to the next level. Unlike other Acting schools, all our class sizes are kept small. This allows our students to receive the attention they deserve.

This Online School Holiday Program will include:

  • Script Analysis
  • listening and reacting to the other character
  • Finding your truth
  • Acting for the camera techniques
  • Working on a variety of scenes
  • Filming scenes and reviewing them
  • How to get through nerves and blocks

What students walk away with:

  • All students will receive a link to view your scenes filmed in class, via Brave Studios’ Vimeo page for self critiquing in your own time.
  • Skills and tools you can use on set or to prepare for an audition
  • Constructive feedback

Strong Command of the English language

Students will be dealing with difficult concepts that require an advanced level of English language comprehension. Therefore, it is imperative that all students have a strong command of English. Please feel free to discuss this with one of our staff at Brave Studios should you need clarification.


“I thought the course was a great way to meet and interact with people who have the same interests. It was also good because we were all able to go from being complete strangers to being really close friends. Lyndelle was an amazing course director. She was fun, easy to talk to and be around, and always gave us her honest thoughts and advice for the situation at hand.” Rachael Shrubsole

“This course was amazing and really helped my develop my skills. I got so much out of this course and if I could I would definitely do it again. The people I met I became really close to and we are going to keep in touch. I think that by doing this course I have not just gained so many acting skills but I have gained great friends. Lyndelle is a great course director and she really understands what we need to do to make scenes the best they can be. She was really fun and positive but knew when she had to give us constructive feedback. I would love to do another course with her.” Isabel Day

“I found seeing myself on camera was the most beneficial as I now feel more comfortable watching myself on screen.” Carissa Shale

“It was a lot of fun and I learned so much. Even though it was only two days I really felt like I made some good friends and I hope to do some other Brave Studios courses with them someday. Lyndelle was really great. So friendly and she made us all comfortable. She really improved the experience with her enthusiasm and love.” Kate Hanlon

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Strong command of the English Language

Students will be dealing with difficult concepts that require an advanced level of English language comprehension. Therefore, it is imperative that all students have a strong command of English as there will be constant reading and learning of text. Please feel free to discuss this with one of our staff at Brave Studios should you need clarification.


Sept/Oct School Holidays 

Wednesday  29th September
Thursday 30th September
Friday 1st October


$250.00 Inc GST


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