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Looking to film scenes for your showreel? Need to update your current showreel?

Brave Studios offer a simple yet professional service to do exactly that – Filming of 2 scenes to best represent and reflect your acting abilities and skill level.

Leading casting directors and acting agencies have clearly notified us over and over again, that actors don’t need a professionally filmed reel for them to view actors abilities. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a reel when you can come into a studio and film scenes simply in front of the camera. Agencies Australia wide are looking for performance and skill level and not the production quality of your scenes. Filming your selected scenes in a studio is more than sufficient for your work to be viewed and considered for potential work.

Brave Studios will film 2 scenes (more is optional at an extra cost) either to add to a current showreel or to create a new showreel.

Finding the right scene for you can be a lengthy time consuming process. If you are going to the effort of filming your showreel to put your best foot forward to industry professionals, we believe the right scenes are crucial to the process. There are so many components to finding the right scene from the scene length, enough conflict, how it resonates in you, balance of content, contrasting scenes, character journey etc. We strongly suggest you let Brave Studios help you find the right scene for you.

With over 15 years of experience, Brave Studios understand what is needed for your showreel to get the attention it requires to be recognised in the film and TV industry.

Selecting the right scenes:

Brave Studios have thousands of scenes from Film and TV productions in their database and it’s growing everyday. Brave Studios School Director Elle Mandalis, has a wonderful ability to source the perfect most effective scenes for you. After a conversation together defining what skills and abilities are your strong suit, Elle will compile a selection of contrasting scenes for clients to choose from to then select their final 2 scene options.

Showreel package includes the following:

  • Filming of 2 scenes in HD in professional Studio
  • Workshop of scenes with Brave Studios Directors in the Studio
  • Professional Reader to read opposite you
  • Editing your showreel including 2 x Scenes, upload of headshot and personal details

Extra Options:

  • Clients can film extra scenes at additional costs -refer to costs
  • Brave Studios can choose a selection of specific scenes for you from our expansive database. This is an additional cost as it is a time consuming process- refer to costs
  • Brave Studios can add extra personal footage to your showreel at an extra cost – refer to costs

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Booking hours:
Monday – Friday 9am-4.00pm

We do not offer Rehearsal Space Hire over the weekend.

Please contact Brave Studios on 9687 6220 to enquire. We will do our best to accommodate your booking requirements.


Showreel package:
x2 Scenes and edit of Showreel

Brave Studios to select scenes

Client to select Scenes

Extra filmed scenes
$95.00 per hour to film

Additional Personal Footage
 $70.00  per hour to edit


Brave Studios
Studio #33
33/91 Moreland St,
Footscray 3011


  • If you don't have one just write N/A
  • Please select whether you would like us to source scenes for you, or if you are bringing your own.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpeg, jpg, png, Max. file size: 32 MB.
    Please upload a headshot if you have one. PLEASE NOTE: MUST BE BELOW 32MB. If any issues, please email to [email protected] instead.