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Brave Studios Teenage Acting course is an intensive and comprehensive study of acting for for film and TV for 14 – 18 year olds.

This Teenage acting course gives the young aspiring actor wanting to be challenged, an opportunity to be exposed to some of Australia’s top practitioners. This is the only program in Melbourne offering young actors elite training in Film and TV over 12 months. Brave Studios understands the importance of  young students being exposed to the right training at an early stage of their careers. It is crucial to getting the right start in learning the foundations of the craft.This teenage acting course was designed specifically for this purpose and to give the young aspiring actor the best start to their acting career.

Brave Studios believes that the key to a truthful and powerful performance is allowing the audience to see who you are – being open. Throughout the course, students subconsciously will gain a better understanding of who they are in order to get to the truth and core of a performance. Personal growth over the 12 months develops organically as students move through all the components of the course.Brave Studios creates a safe, nurturing yet challenging environment for students to be able to take risks in and make bold choices. In doing so, in this teenage acting course they will not only learn about the craft of acting but also about themselves, how to process their emotions and to express themselves fully.

This course was created by Brave Studios’ owners Elle Mandalis and Damien Fotiou, industry professionals who understand the demands and expectations of what it takes to be a working actor. Having worked in the industry for over two decades, both Elle and Damien have extensive experience and connections as performers and performance training facilitators. Their close connection and involvement ensures that students receive the highest quality training in a safe and nurturing environment.

Brave Studios prides itself on the personal attention we give to each and every student. In order for our students to receive individual attention and extensive hours working on the floor, we cap our class sizes to 12 students – A rare and luxurious opportunity!

Teenage Acting course Components:

Scene Study

All students dive into an intensive study of Script analysis to ensure they have a great understanding of text, story and writer intentions. Teens are assigned scenes throughout the course, teaching them how to take a script and translate it into a solid performance in front of the camera in our fully-equipped studio. All footage is then made available for our students to watch in their own time for self-critiquing. This teaches our students a valuable lesson in self-reflection that will stay with them after the completion of the course.

We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment to work in as we believe the best performances come from feeling safe enough to take risks and play.

Our Scene Study teachers include highly reputable actors and acting teachers Damian Walshe-HowlingMark Hennessy, and Lyndelle Green.

All teachers independently offer unique techniques and methods of training, including Meisner, Practical Aesthetics, Chubbuck and Stanislavsky. This enables students to pick and choose from which method resonates with them the most to bring out the best performance in them.

Voice & Alexander Technique

Vocal training is one of the most critical aspects of actor training. This class, taught by Leonardo Canales, will enable you to learn how to access their voice properly, improving their vocal clarity, diversity and power.

By training the voice, the actor is able to access emotions, use their breath and deliver a stronger, more confident performance.

Teenagers especially spend a lot of time on their computer or looking down at their phone. This fills their bodies with tension through straining their neck and shoulders and disconnects them from the world around them. Through the Alexander Technique, students will reconnect with their bodies and find their natural alignment and centre of gravity.

Leonardo Canales will guide students through every aspect of the technique, which has become absolutely indispensable for any serious actor.
Learn more about the Alexander Technique here.

US Accent

The advent of self-testing for international projects has dictated the necessity for all Australian actors to perfect the US accent.

NIDA-trained actor Tyler Coppin will not only teach students the phonetics of the accent, but also practicing self-testing in the accent on camera. He will help all students prepare for the US Self test audition with LA casting Director Caitlin Well in the 12 month program.


Our movement training component is run by the renowned teacher Anne O’Keefe. Her extensive knowledge of movement techniques and work from some of the worlds greatest teachers gives students a complete and integrated physical training.

Movement for actors enables them to be free and expressive in their body. Anne is incredible in teaching this method which enables actors to connect to characters through physical positions. This allows actors to get out of their heads and into the body of a character.

Auditioning Technique

Brave Studios’ director Damien Fotiou will teach the auditioning component of the 12-Month Acting Course. With more than twenty years experience both auditioning as a professional actor and also casting and producing self tests, Damien is able to provide a unique prospective on the casting process from in front and behind the camera.

Students will also have the opportunity to work with Casting Director Megan D’Arcy from Nick Hamon Casting. This will give them a truthful insight into how the casting industry works and what to expect as an actor. Megan’s extensive knowledge and experience of the casting world is invaluable for all acting students wanting to know the ins and outs of the industry.

Industry Masterclasses

Students have the exclusive opportunity to be a part of Three, weekend Masterclasses throughout the year, working with some of Australis elite Industry Professionals.

  • Ana Kokkinos Masterclass – Australian Filmaker and Director
    We are privileged to have one of Australia’s most acclaimed Film Directors, Ana Kokkinos teaching our students her method of direction. This is an exclusive opportunity for participants to work with Ana and learn her unique process for bringing a script to life; a process which can be transferred and used with any script from audition through to performance.Over the last twenty years Ana has firmly established herself as one of our most innovative and creative film makers. With titles such as ‘Mustangs’, ‘Seven types of  Ambiguity’Head On’  and ‘Blessed’ to her name Ana has firmly stamped her mark on the Australian film making and television landscape. Her Film and television credits have garnered her widespread acclaim from actors for her directing process and eye for detail, something which is sadly lacking in today’s industry.
    US Selftest Workshop with LA Casting Director Caitlin Well

    You will spend one day Skyping with Caitlin Well, a successful Hollywood Casting Director working as a Casting Associate for the Warner Brothers’ feature casting department. Credits include BATMAN VS SUPERMAN (2016), MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015), TARZAN (2016) and THE GREAT GATSBY (2013), Click here for more. All students will record self tests for Caitlin in our studio followed by a live Skype session to receive direct feedback and honest, constructive criticism. You will be taken through the casting process from not only the actors perspective, but also the standpoint of the decision makers.
    Casting Workshop with 2 of Melbourne’s top Casting Directors
    Students will also have the chance to work with 2 of Melbourne’s leading Casting Directors, to be advised. This workshop will cover auditioning skills and techniques to help you better your audition process. You will learn how to approach a script and receive invaluable insights from a casting director’s perspective. Many actors leave from an audition never knowing why they may not have won the role. This is a great way for you to receive feed back from a casting director to help you move into the right direction. All students will work with one of Melbourne top Film and TV casting directors.

Showreel and Headshot Package

To ensure students are ready when they graduate, a showreel and headshots are vital. A film production team will film and edit a professional showreel for each student and include stunning headshots by our extremely talented photographer Pier Carthew. This is to help students approach industry professionals on completion of this course and to help them showcase their work for potential auditions.

All students will experience what it is like to be on set and film a professional scene on location. Students also get the opportunity to work as a crew member behind the camera. The is a fascinating and invaluable insight into what is involved to make film or TV Show.


The culmination of twelve months of hard work is a showcase  screening of our students final showreel scenes.

The Showcase includes a live filmed “screen-test” and screening of each students showreel filmed professionally in Term 3. All these filmed components will be sent to Casting Directors and acting Agents Australia wide for potential representation.

strong command of the English language:

Students will be dealing with difficult concepts that require an advanced level of English language comprehension. Therefore, it is imperative that all students have a strong command of English. Please feel free to discuss this with one of our staff at Brave Studios should you need clarification.

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Auditions for 2024

*Please fill out the online application – Brave Studios will be in touch with an audition time before 18th December


Applications & Pre-requisites

Applicants must be  between 14- 18 years to apply

Applicants must complete one or more of the following pre-requisites. Auditioning with one of the school directors is strongly recommended

  • By audition at Brave Studios with one of the School School Directors.
  •  Please send your CV and showreel if you have one to [email protected] to be assessed. You will be asked to audition should your submissions not be sufficient

Strong command of the English Language

Students will be dealing with difficult concepts that require an advanced level of English language comprehension. Therefore, it is imperative that all students have a strong command of English as there will be constant reading and learning of text. Please feel free to discuss this with one of our staff at Brave Studios should you need clarification.


Dates & Times

2024 Program Dates and Times


Term 1
4th Feb – 24th March

Term 2
21st April – 16th June

Term 3
21st July – 15th Sept

Term 4
13th Oct – 8th Dec

4X Saturdays for Headshots, Showreel Filming and Industry Masterclasses ~ tbc

Showcase Viewing
Sunday the 8th Dec

*Applicants are expected to commit to all course dates listed above.


$5150.00 inc GST


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