Teenage Acting Course

Term Class 8 Weeks

Our 8-week Teenage Acting Course for 14 – 18 year olds is back due to popular demand!

Any teenager pursuing Acting will not want to miss this acting course. Teens have the chance to train professionally at an ideal age to start in the entertainment industry.

This adaptation of our professional adult acting courses is designed for those under 18. It is an advanced-level course. Teenagers who already have some training and or professional acting experience would benefit from this amazing extension to their work.

We use scripts from popular teenage TV Shows such as Stranger Things, Riverdale, Neighbours, Home and Away and more. Teens will, therefore, get to portray the characters they love watching!

Brave Studios creates a safe, nurturing yet challenging environment for students. We love our teenagers to be able to take risks and make bold choices.

In doing so, we also give teens the opportunity to learn to be their authentic selves. It is a fantastic experience for teenagers to be comfortable with their individuality and creativity at this critical age.

Teens will also get to delve into the lives of other characters. Thus, fostering empathy, connection, truth, and authenticity in their creativity and their own lives.

Course Coordinators

We are pleased to be offering teenagers the chance to work intensively with prolific LA Acting Master Ivana Chubbuck’s Certified Teacher Lyndelle Green. Lyndelle has been training Teenage students for years who have worked professionally on productions such as Neighbours, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The InBestigators and more.

Brave Studios’ owners Elle Mandalis and Damien Fotiou have created this Teenage Scene Study Acting Course. Elle and Damien are industry professionals who understand the demands and expectations of working actors.

Having worked in the industry for over two decades, both have extensive experience and connections. Their close involvement ensures that students receive the highest quality training in a safe and nurturing environment.

Brave Studios prides itself on the personal attention we give to each and every student. In order for our students to receive individual attention and extensive hours working on the floor, we cap our class sizes to 12 students – A rare and luxurious opportunity!

Course Components

All students dive into an intensive study of script analysis to ensure they have a great understanding of text, story, and the writer’s intention. Teens will then be assigned scenes to learn and practice throughout the course.

This teaches our students how to take a script and translate it into a solid performance.

Scenes are then performed in front of the camera in our fully-equipped studio.

All footage is uploaded to our private Vimeo page for students to watch in their own time. This teaches our students a valuable lesson in self-reflection that will stay with them after the completion of the course.

We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment to work in. As a result, our students feel safe enough to take risks and play. This, we believe, is the best way to foster bold, memorable performances.

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Applications & Pre-Requisites

This course is aimed at students with prior experience in drama classes, acting classes, or professional experience.

Strong command of the English Language

Students will be dealing with difficult concepts that require an advanced level of English language comprehension.

Students will be expected to be able to read and memorise new texts given in class.
Therefore, it is imperative that all students have a strong command of English. Please feel free to discuss this with one of our staff at Brave Studios should you need clarification.

Course Dates

Term 1 Dates 2023

Saturday Afternoons
2.00pm – 5.00pm
11th February – 1st April



$545.00 inc.GST



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    *We do not take payment through the website. Payment can either be made over the phone via credit card, or via direct deposit. The account details will be sent to you in an invoice once you enrol.
    *If paying a deposit, please note that the balance for the course is due 2 weeks prior to course commencement. Your deposit must be received before your place can be confirmed
    *STUDENT LOYALTY DISCOUNT - If you have completed 3 or more 8 week courses with Brave Studios you may be eligible for an ongoing 10% discount. This only applies to Beginner and Actors Workshop 8 week courses commenced from 2013 onwards.

    BALANCE: Any outstanding balance must be paid 1 week prior to the course start date.  
    REFUND POLICY: Notification of cancellation must be given at least 14 days prior to class commencement for course fees or deposit to be refunded. If you have enrolled but do not notify us of cancellation 14 days prior to the commencement of the course your deposit and/or any fees paid will be retained by Brave Studios. No refunds will be given for cancellations made after course commencement or during the run of the course. Brave Studios reserves the right to cancel any class in which case fees will be refunded in full. Payments for the 3 hour introductory workshop and 1 day auditioning workshops are non-refundable.  
    TRANSFER POLICY: If a student has paid a deposit and wishes to transfer into another course as opposed to receiving a refund, the transfer should take place within 12 months of the initial course start date, given that at least 14 days notice has been received. It is the students responsibility to inform us of their availability for new course dates. The student will also be subject to any course fee increases made during that time.
    VIDEO POLICY: All class footage filmed at Brave Studios remains the property of Brave Studios and must not be used for any purpose unless permission is sought and granted by Brave Studios Directors.  
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