Melbourne Agent for Acting Student

Melbourne Agent

Melbourne Agent Aran Michael Management have signed up Brave Studios Acting student Sami Obama. After committing 4 years to his acting training ,we are thrilled with the result of him winning a Melbourne agent. We all know how difficult it is to get an acting agent and want to congratulate Sami for his success. After completing the 12 month advanced acting program that includes sending out showreels and head shots to all Agents in Australia on completion of the course, Sami decided to go with Melbourne agent Aran Michael management.  Sami had a meeting with the Melbourne Agent and instantly felt they were a good fit for him. After a few meetings, Aran Michael Management asked Sami to join their agency. Sami is now out in the industry and in the hands of a very good Melbourne agent to help him find success in his acting career. It has been an amazing journey with Sami as he came to us as a 15 year old aspiring actor wanting to learn all that he can to make him the best actor that he can be. Over the years Sami has worked hard, trained consistently, has always been positive in his acting training, and shown great respect for all his acting coaches and fellow actors.Watching Sami grow as an actor and also as a person has been a both admirable and inspiring. Sami is a very talented actor and one to watch out for in the near future. We look forward to seeing him on the big screen and seeing whats in store for him as a working actor. Congratulations Sami for getting representation from one of the top Melbourne Agents.