Atlantic theater school

Atlantic Theatre school in Melbourne! An intensive New York Acting Workshop Intensive in practical aesthetics, the acting technique taught at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School in New York City by Master teachers Anya Saffir and Jacquelyn Landgraf. Brave Studios is proud to present an exclusive opportunity to train with two master teachers from New York’s famed Atlantic Theater Company in Practical Aesthetics, Anya Saffir and Jacquelyn Landgraf. This week long acting workshop in Practical Aesthetics brings together the two fundamental tenets of the technique, action and moment: thinking before you act and acting before you think.  Actors are empowered to make clear, specific choices based on a careful study of the text, and to execute their choices spontaneously and truthfully.  In this way, the class will teach the actor to prepare to improvise.  Saffir and Landgraf have been evolving the Practical Aesthetics acting technique together over the last decade at The Atlantic Acting School. Every year many Australian actors make the pilgrimage to New York City to study at the Atlantic Theatre School, a school known for it’s reputation in developing and nurturing both craft and technique. For the very first time in Australia , Brave Studios is thrilled to announce the exclusive opportunity to to train with two master teachers from New York’s famed Atlantic Theater Company, Anya Saffir and Jacquelyn Landgraf. Practical Aesthetics is an acting technique originally conceived by David Mamet and William H. Macy, based on the teachings of Stanislavsky, Sanford Meisner, and the Stoic philosopher Epictetus. For those of you looking for an acting workshop that will challenge you and your work, then do not look past this opportunity. This New York Acting Workshop in Melbourne is an exclusive opportunity to better your craft and skill level. What are you waiting for! Sign up for this unique opportunity to work with some of New Yorks prestigious acting coaches.