Would you like to Audition for the Advanced Actor Training Ground?

There are very few classes available in Melbourne that allow semi-professional to advanced level actors to explore scenework in depth. The Advanced Actor Training ground allows actors to do this whilst in the company of other actors at the same level. As professional actors, we know that it is so important for actors maintain their skills through scene work and scene exploration with other actors, this helps the actor to touch on aspects of the scenes that they may not have considered and to integrate and process direction. This is one of the best ways that an actor can train in preparation for acting work in their professional life.

To make sure that all actors are of similar standard, students who wish to join the class for an 8 week term of scene work are asked to contact us to audition for a place in the course. Auditions are open to those who have had previous training and/ or experience equivalent to competency in the Beginner Acting Training ground and who understand the fundamental acting concepts of scene work.

If you already have some acting training and experience under your belt and are considering auditioning for the next 8 week Advanced Actor Training Ground Course please fill out the enrolment form found here attach your CV and links to showreels and request an audition time, we will assess your training, provide you with a scene to learn and an audition with one of our studio directors.

Many students who have completed the Advanced Actor Training Course are currently working professionally in the industry in both tv, film and theatre. With many returning to complete the course numerous times to keep up their skills. We maintain a strong relationship with our acting students and support them on their acting journey as much as we can by also providing the opportunity to participate in acting drop-in classes and master classes with guest teachers.

A guide to choosing the right Acting Classes

People pursue acting classes in adult life for a number of different reasons. These can include:

  • Fulfilling a life-long dream of acting
  • Picking acting back up after a hiatus
  • Building on previously learnt skills
  • Advancement of current acting career
  • Confidence building
  • Public speaking
  • Personal development

Acting classes can help with all of the above. However, sifting through the selections of the available classes on offer can be confusing if you are not sure where to start.

We suggest that you consider the following:

Decide on your focus. Do you want to act for film and television or are you more stage focused?

Acting techniques differ depending on the medium you want to work in. Acting for the stage encompasses very different techniques to acting for the camera. Courses will often focus on one or the other.

Stay clear of schools offering to make you famous.  

Don’t believe the hype. Participating in an acting course will not make you famous. Steer clear of any acting school or class that promises fame, representation and on-going work on completion of a course. Reputable acting classes should be designed to help you to learn and integrate the skills necessary for delivering your best performance. Actors develop at different paces and not everyone will be ready to take the world by storm after a single intensive. Schools often have very little influence over casting directors with only few maintaining a reputation with agents and casting directors.

Be prepared to commit to continued training.

Some schools will have you believe that you can become a proficient actor with just weeks of training. The truth is that it takes time and dedication. Some of Australia’s top actors trained for years in their craft and many continue their training well into their careers. If you want to make acting your career then you must be willing to commit to your training. Look for a school with a graduated system and a dedication to providing you with honest and comprehensive feedback so that you are always working at the level you are capable of.

Don’t attend cattle call casting courses.

Some acting schools offer ‘cattle call’ castings workshops with a casting director where hundreds of enthusiastic actors try their luck. Many students enrol in these classes for the opportunity to be seen without the adequate skill set behind them. This can be a damaging career move as it may ruin your chances of being seen by that casting director in the future when your skills are at a higher level and you can present your best work.

Our Philosophy.

The main focus at Brave Studios is providing a safe environment for students to have the courage to take the risks needed in acting training to get to the truth of a scene and character. We want to make sure students are challenged individually throughout the entire acting course, and finding moments of truth in the work in every class. Finding the right acting course for you can be tricky. At Brave Studios our professional staff are always available to help guide you in the right direction making sure you find the acting course best suited to each individual. Brave Studios offer acting courses that run over 8 weeks opening more opportunities and choices for the aspiring actor our courses are designed to challenge our students, expose them to the most supportive casting directors and give them direct and honest feedback to help them be the best they can be.

Teenage School Holiday Acting for Film and TV Workshops

Brave Studios teenage school holiday Acting for Film and TV workshop for teenagers runs every school holidays in conjunction with our sister school Greentree acting school. These workshops are specifically designed for the teenage actor who is serious about acting and about developing their skills towards making acting their profession. Unfortunately, there are very few of these types of intensive acting classes available to teens in Melbourne. We feel it is important to offer a quality experience that rivals our adult classes for content and skill building.

In the past we have found that our passionate teenage actors involved have left the course feeling inspired and motivated. Many do not want it to end which is why we have recently extended the course from 2 days to a 3 day acting intensive, so that students have ample time to forge strong friendships with their classmates and really hone their scene work skills.

Course director Lyndelle Green (who also teaches our beginner and advanced adult courses at Brave Studios) does a spectacular job inspiring young actors who come through the doors. Her infectious passion, nurturing nature and extensive experience creates a wonderful environment for the young actors to move forward in their work. Lyndelle makes sure that the course participants are challenged to give their best possible performances once it comes time to film the scene work.

Throughout the teenage school holiday acting workshop students are directed in numerous ways to get to the truth of a scene and character, they then film scenes in front of the camera. Our teenage acting students always inspire us with their lack of fear and willingness to play with in a scene.

Many casting agents call on Brave Studios and Greentree Acting School when casting as we have a reputation for nurturing raw talent. Our teenage acting students are extremely well trained and continue to make us proud.


2013 EntertainmentBiz Expo ‘Present the Festival’ Video.

Brave Studios were one of the many entertainment industry exhibitors at this years EntertainmentBiz Expo. An annual Melbourne event bringing together a number of industry professionals from the worlds of acting, music and video/film production.

At this years festival we thought we would give festival visitors the chance to participate and find out what it is like to be a Television Presenter working with Autocue.
We were very impressed with what they came up with, here’s a taste of the talent we uncovered.

Autocue is a key component of Brave Studios Television Presenter Course dates for 2014 are online now.

2013 EntertainmentBiz Expo from Brave Studios on Vimeo.

The Actors Workshop Launches with Ana Kokkinos

Film Maker / Director Ana Kokkinos has launched our Professional Series actors workshop. A 2 day intensive workshop for industry professionals wanting to exercise their talents and/or expand their own process.

Over the last twenty+ years Ana has established herself as one of Australia’s most innovative and creative film makers. Ana hold titles such as ‘Only the Brave’, ‘Head On’  and ‘Blessed’ to her name. She has firmly stamped her mark on the Australian film making landscape. Her television credits include Secret Life of Us and more recently Time of our Lives. Her process and eye for detail have garnered her widespread acclaim from many Australian actors.

The actors workshop provides an exclusive opportunity for professional actors to work with Ana and learn her process for bringing a script to life; a process which can be transferred and used with any script from audition through to performance.

All Actors involved were left wanting more after being introduced to Ana’s unique and beneficial process. Ana Kokkinos has an extraordinary ability to pinpoint what is not working in a scene instantly as well as breaking down a block that might be holding an actor’s performance back. All professional actors involved in the Actors course, including Ana, were reminded how important it was to continue with acting training no matter how experienced an actor you are. Working with other actors on scenes and getting out on the floor to flex those acting muscles can only do you well. After the success of our first Actors workshop, Ana Kokkinos and Brave Studios are very excited to continue working together and look forward to announcing our next workshops soon. Ana is now working on a number of new projects and we can only wish her the best of success. Thank you Ana and to all the Actors involved in ‘The Actors Workshop’. We can’t wait to see you again soon.


“It was a pure delight to be in a safe, encouraging environment surround by like minded artists and be at the helm of someone you admire in a warm space. Thank you for creating that … Ana is gracious, honest and inspiring. She brings a beautiful nurturing element into rehearsals where you feel safe, comfortable and free. It was a pure delight to work with her and the other artists.”
Ben Noble

“Absolutely amazing weekend – learning and flexing our acting muscles in a safe place. Ana gave insightful, clear and tailored direction and feedback for each individual to take their acting to the next level. The two intensive days allowed us to focus on particular processes/areas in detail”
Georgia Byrne

Acting Course Audition success with Jan Russ

3 Brave Studios students who participated in Jan Russ’s acting course held this week have gained auditions. The student had just completed the Acting for the Camera School Holiday Teens 2 day Acting Course.

Course director, Jan Russ has worked in the industry for over 25 years. She is an experienced actor and is well known as a former casting director and producer on Channel Ten’s Neighbours, having worked with people such as Russell Crowe, Guy Pierce, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan & Natalie Imbruglia and many other well known Australian artists.

Students spent 2 days workshopping scenes in front of the camera and exploring the ins and outs of script work. Jan’s teaching covers important aspects of script work which include listening and reacting, concentrating and focusing. Students received positive feedback and really warmed to Jan’s friendly nature, she had a wonderful rapport with the young inspiring actors.  She was impressed by how well well prepared the students were for this workshop.

3 students who excelled were submitted for upcoming castings. We wish them the best of luck as they audition for an ABC drama program and an American feature film.
This success shows how important it is to take initiative with your acting training and to make sure that you’re an active participant in industry workshops which can lead to valuable opportunities. At Brave Studios we encourage and support all of our students in their endeavours and make it a point let them know when opportunities arise.

Students have been calling asking for more teens classes, stay tuned, more classes will be announced soon.

Brave Studios are excited to announce their TV presenting course with Pam Barnes

Finally the next TV presenting course has arrived. There is a lot of excitement in the air for our new Advanced TV presenting course with Pam Barnes. Our previous TV Presenting introductory course students have been waiting very patiently for this advanced course. Here at Brave Studios we wanted to make sure that we found the perfect teacher to run this TV presenter course for our students. We are very excited to be working with Pam and to learn from her extensive professional industry experience. Pam Barnes is as much of a legend behind the scenes as those she’s produced on screen, having worked “live” with the likes of Graham Kennedy, Don Lane, Daryl Somers and Bert Newton.
Pam’s many TV credits include In Melbourne Tonight, The Don Lane Show, Sale of the Century,  Search for a Supermodel, The X Factor, The Einstein Factor, Bert’s Family Feud, Dusty, Little By Little, The Singing Bee, Australia’s Got Talent and The Circle.
Some of Pam’s happiest (and most challenging) television production memories include ten years working on Hey Hey It’s Saturday (she also produced the hugely successful Reunion Specials), being Executive Producer for the 49th and 50th Annual TV Week Logie Awards in 2007 and 2008 and the 2007 Carols by Candlelight.

In this TV Presenter course you will learn the technique of interviewing in its many forms, a skill absolutely crucial for any presenter.
Mentored by Damian Walshe – Howling, participants in our advanced TV presenting course will work with actors in interview scenarios, with a green screen and autocue and leave with three professionally shot pieces in a high res digital format. In this course you will learn the technique of interviewing in its many forms, a skill absolutely crucial for any presenter.
Mentored by Damian Walshe – Howling, participants in our advanced TV presenting course will work with actors in interview scenarios, with a green screen and autocue and leave with three professionally shot pieces in a high res digital format.

Positions almost full. Don’t miss out!