5 Reasons why you need a Professional TV Presenter Showreel

There are a number of reasons why it is important to have a professional TV presenter showreel to get started in your career as a TV Presenter.

Be seen.

Producers very rarely audition for up and coming talent and agents rarely take on someone who cannot show their work. The most dedicated and enthusiastic presenters are getting out there, creating their own opportunities and uploading their work to their own websites, casting sites and social networking profiles. If you want to be considered then you need to be seen.

Show your Versatility.

A TV Presenter showreel acts as a montage of your work which gives potential employers an idea of your versatility, experience and skill set . Your TV Presenter Showreel should be edited well enough so that it teases the viewer into wanting to see more and therefore a number of different scenes should be included.

Look Professional.

Professional TV presenters are directed on set, so it makes sense to have a professional director oversee your showreel shoot so that you can present your skills in the most professional way possible. Remember your showreel is competing against hundreds of others for that elusive presenting gig. Professional editing will help to highlight your skills and will give your potential employers a better idea of how you will fit into their program.

Send a Clear Message. 

Many people create showreels that are a mish-mash of different elements. They may incorporate scenes that are too long or do not show off their skills very well. Many amateur showreels are a collection of adverts, acting and presenting gigs, which send a very unclear message about what you want to achieve. Having direction will help you to put a clear message about who you are and what you are capable of.

Be Original.

Your showreel should be a reflection of your sense of humour, wit and personal style. Having a director on board to help you to create original content that best shows off your personality is invaluable.

Brave Studios are now offering the option for you to create your 3 piece showreel under the direction of a professional director and save on the editing costs when you book together. This means that within the space of about 2 months you will have a showreel ready to go online and be sent out to agents, casting directors and producers so that you can hit the ground running. Click here to see out Presenting courses.

Check out one of our most recent course graduates showreels here.
Joana’s showreel is a collection of pieces filmed at brave Studios and past work that we have edited in for her. You can view more showreels here.

Joana Simmons from Brave Studios on Vimeo.

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2013 EntertainmentBiz Expo ‘Present the Festival’ Video.

Brave Studios were one of the many entertainment industry exhibitors at this years EntertainmentBiz Expo. An annual Melbourne event bringing together a number of industry professionals from the worlds of acting, music and video/film production.

At this years festival we thought we would give festival visitors the chance to participate and find out what it is like to be a Television Presenter working with Autocue.
We were very impressed with what they came up with, here’s a taste of the talent we uncovered.

Autocue is a key component of Brave Studios Television Presenter Course dates for 2014 are online now.

2013 EntertainmentBiz Expo from Brave Studios on Vimeo.

Advanced TV Presenters Course off to a great start

As a TV presenter in the Australian industry, if you could choose to be mentored by just one industry professional you would choose Logie award winning producer Pam Barnes. An industry veteran Pam has been executive producer at GTV and the brains behind Carols by Candelight and the Logies. During her 40 + year in television Pam has worked with presenters such as Bert Newton, Graham KennedyDon LaneDaryl and Ossie on Hey Hey, It’s Saturday.

The advanced TV Presenters course first ran in 2013 and proved to be a very popular course, catering for professionals in the industry who were looking to upgrade their skills and boost their showreels. Participating students each received mentoring from course director Pam Barnes and course mentors George Macencroe from TV’s The Circle and Australian Actor Damian Walshe-Howling.

For their final shoot participants were asked to research and conduct an interview with Damian Walshe-Howling, an experience that proved the be an important lesson in the importance of research and appropriateness of questions asked. This final shoot compliments the other pieces shot throughout the course. We are looking forward to seeing the final edits.

“I really enjoyed it. It was a good group of people to bounce off and learn from which adds to the experience. I loved working with Pam, I felt a true sense of professionally working rather than just a class-teacher situation. I also enjoyed George and her time with us, she had great insight, tips and suggestions that were really helpful. Damian was the same, he was very generous and I loved that he took the time to discuss the interview with me afterwards. Damien and Elle were also great, very supportive environment and lots of fun. I think the only thing I wanted was a longer course because I enjoyed it so much I want to keep going.”
Jackie Rae-Lythgo




Brave Studios are excited to announce their TV presenting course with Pam Barnes

Finally the next TV presenting course has arrived. There is a lot of excitement in the air for our new Advanced TV presenting course with Pam Barnes. Our previous TV Presenting introductory course students have been waiting very patiently for this advanced course. Here at Brave Studios we wanted to make sure that we found the perfect teacher to run this TV presenter course for our students. We are very excited to be working with Pam and to learn from her extensive professional industry experience. Pam Barnes is as much of a legend behind the scenes as those she’s produced on screen, having worked “live” with the likes of Graham Kennedy, Don Lane, Daryl Somers and Bert Newton.
Pam’s many TV credits include In Melbourne Tonight, The Don Lane Show, Sale of the Century,  Search for a Supermodel, The X Factor, The Einstein Factor, Bert’s Family Feud, Dusty, Little By Little, The Singing Bee, Australia’s Got Talent and The Circle.
Some of Pam’s happiest (and most challenging) television production memories include ten years working on Hey Hey It’s Saturday (she also produced the hugely successful Reunion Specials), being Executive Producer for the 49th and 50th Annual TV Week Logie Awards in 2007 and 2008 and the 2007 Carols by Candlelight.

In this TV Presenter course you will learn the technique of interviewing in its many forms, a skill absolutely crucial for any presenter.
Mentored by Damian Walshe – Howling, participants in our advanced TV presenting course will work with actors in interview scenarios, with a green screen and autocue and leave with three professionally shot pieces in a high res digital format. In this course you will learn the technique of interviewing in its many forms, a skill absolutely crucial for any presenter.
Mentored by Damian Walshe – Howling, participants in our advanced TV presenting course will work with actors in interview scenarios, with a green screen and autocue and leave with three professionally shot pieces in a high res digital format.

Positions almost full. Don’t miss out!