Acting School Melbourne.

Thea McLeod to run more Audition Workshops in 2013!! Neighbours Casting consultant Thea McLeod will be returning to Brave Studios to run more Audition workshops in 2013. After a huge success with Thea’s Audition Workshops in 2012, we are to run more Audition workshops in 2013. Thea stated that she was impressed with the students level of talent coming through Brave Studios. Thea often casts roles through students attending her workshops and benefits out of running them as much as the students coming to learn from them. Thea McLeod is one of Melbourne’s top casting Directors currently casting channel 11’s Neighbours. Thea also independently casts many Feature Films and TV dramas.These Audition workshops are highly beneficial for the actor out there wanting to better their chances in the auditioning room. At Brave Studios we will run more auditioning workshops with Thea McLeod in 2013 helping actors to better their chances of winning that role. Our Auditioning workshops are designed to give actors one on one time with Thea to get the attention they deserve. Students will learn useful auditioning skills from Thea and, handy tips to think about at your next Audition and constructive personal feedback. All our class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure all students get the most out of the Audition workshop. We believe it is paramount to question why you are not winning your auditions and to act on it. These workshops are designed to help actors find out what it is you need to change to start getting noticed and winning roles!